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Santa Christmas Cards

Updated on August 1, 2015

Santa Holiday Christmas Cards

Santa is always an enjoyable Christmas card theme to work with, as he can be put in just about any scenario and it works very well. You have everything from hilarious and serious, to touching on the naughty Santa cards, and because of that, in the end, Santa Christmas cards are a great Christmas theme just about everybody enjoys.

It doesn't matter whether you put Santa in the tropics, have him saying something funny, helping someone out, or a thousand other things we all see Santa doing on Christmas cards. Very few of them don't work, whether they're very detailed Santa greetings cards or those that are designed more simple. We just don't seem to get enough of Santa, and he appears to be the prime character on cards, with the probable exception of baby Jesus, who after all, is the star of the show, season and Christmas day.

Another part of what I like about looking at Santa Christmas cards is when they're shown at different times of history; from the Victorian era and vintage cards to modern-day cards ... he really changes in look, but even then, stays much the same.

When it comes to Santa, even hundreds of years doesn't keep us from recognizing who he is and what he does. Below are a number of Santa Christmas cards, with some older ones and more modern and funny ones.

Humorous Santa Christmas Card

As soon as I first saw this Santa Christmas card, and every time after as well, I smile when I immediately see the downed reindeer. I really like the great line of Santa about having a flat. Funny!

Wouldn't this get someone laughing the second they opened the envelope and saw and read the scene and story?

Funny Santa Christmas Card

Old Santa Christmas Card

It doesn't matter what Santa looks like in these old Christmas cards, he's just as cool as always. But that salutation of "A Joyful Christmastide," that's a new one for me. I like that rosy-cheeked smile of his here.

Vintage Santa Christmas Card

More Vintage Santa Christmas Card

Here's another vintage Santa Christmas card that seems to put the jolly old elf in somewhat of a bad mood. There's not too many times I've seen what looks like a frown on Santa's face, but there it is. It seems it's more of a concerned frown than an angry frown, as he's petting the deer while seemingly thinking.

The design of the card is unique and ornate; something people from that time loved to design and receive as Christmas cards.

Santa Christmas Card of Him Making a List

I really like this funny card, as the reindeer seems to be taking notes as he puts down Santa's list for him. I would have thought with the world work load he carries, that Santa would have had more than one secretary doing the job. It seems it's that Christmas magic at work.

Colorful Santa Christmas Card

This Santa Christmas card seems to be a combination of the old and the new, and I really like those vibrant colors and that lantern used as light on the side of the sleigh. You look here and see that Santa's got everything under control.

Motorcycle Santa Christmas Card

It's fun to see the first couple of vintage Christmas cards and then see Santa change into a modern hipster riding his own motorcycle. Hey, the guy's got to have some down time too you know.

It shows how time changes our perception and interpretation of so many things. In this case I like the depiction of Santa as he passes a fellow motorcycle traveler.

Christmas Card of Santa Claus Riding Motorcycle

Fantastic Santa Claus Christmas Cards

I enjoy taking an historical tour of Santa Christmas cards and seeing that even though we view him from the matrix of the culture we live in, as well as the era, the more things change for Santa, the more his mission remains the same.


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