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Santa Claus Costumes

Updated on June 28, 2014

Santa Costumes

You would think a Santa Claus costume would be a Santa Claus costume, but these days everyone likes to get in the act, and so while the traditional Santa Claus costume hasn't changed much through the years, along with the traditional Mrs. Claus costume, there is a growing number of people who want to look like Santa, at least in the sense of the red and white of his costume, and so there have been many adaptations to meet that demand.

There are of course the sexy Mrs. Claus suits, especially made for when Santa gets done with his work on Christmas eve.

Children also love to wear a nice Santa Christmas costume built especially for them, and they look really nice.

And last, but for many people certainly not least, we don't want to leave out our favorite dog, so there are unsurprisingly even a number of Santa Claus costumes designed for a variety of breeds.

In other words, if you want to have a Santa look at Christmas time, there will be a Santa costume made for you and your family, including your pooch.

Traditional Santa Costume

There's no doubt the traditional red and white Santa costume with his black boots will remain the costume that will always define who Santa is. Differences will come in the material the Santa suit is made from, but other than that, this will be the Santa costume we all know and remember for all time.

Traditional Santa Claus Costume

Mrs. Santa Claus Costume

Now you can see here the traditional Mrs. Santa, and shall we say, the non-traditional Mrs. Santa. What's the difference in the two? About 25 years ... hehe. OK, I had to say that one.

Let's face it though, as cute and fun as the costume on the right could be, there's nothing like the traditional Mrs. Santa on the left for the family get together.

Mrs. Santa Costumes

Boy and Girls Santa Costumes

You don't get much cuter than the next two Santa costumes for boys and girls, and wouldn't they be a nice look for your Christmas celebration!

The costume for the boy has that great, large Santa belt around his waste, and I like that black color on the lower part of his pants as it blends into his shoes.

Of course the little girls costume is just as cute in its unique way, and those little tights with the white around her legs are absolutely wonderful.

Santa Boy Costume

Little Girl Santa Costume

Santa Costume for Dog

Having our dog or dogs dressed up in a Santa costume is great fun, and as you can see from this photo of this dog, it's hilarious and a compelling conversation piece. How about those little, fake hands sticking out of the costume. Don't they look great?

Dog Santa Costume

Fun Santa Costumes

Christmas is the most popular holiday of the year, and wearing a Santa suit, no matter who you are, is a great way to add to the fun and celebration of the wonderful day and season. As you can see, everyone in the family can get involved in the make believe hero of the day (outside of Jesus of course - who isn't make believe).


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    • profile image

      nicole 5 years ago

      i was thinking there would be info about the material e.g. cotton

    • Lyria profile image

      Lyria 7 years ago

      Oh reading this hub reminded me of how I found out the truth about Santa Claus! I found the Santa Suit stuffed into a box as I was "snooping" for Christmas gifts, and boy did I get a big surprise!