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Santa Face Painting

Updated on August 21, 2015

Face Painting Santa for Christmas

Characters related to the Christmas holiday season are great subject matter to use for compelling face painting, which will delight family and friends and garner a lot of attention to those getting painted.

While there are a lot of characters such as elves, reindeer and snowmen to use as Christmas face painting inspiration, there is none of them like Santa, whom offers some great material to generate a cool Santa face mask to celebrate the holiday.

There are a couple of basic Santa face painting designs to choose from. One is the face of Santa himself, which is by far the most popular of the Santa face painting designs. There is also a picture of Santa on the face (usually on the cheek), which looks great and gives a child especially a terrific way to display Santa.

Along with adults, children also like to be painted with a Santa image over the entire face, as Santa's hat, beard and spectacles are a lot of fun to display.

In this article we'll focus mostly on face painting the face of Santa on a person, although there is a Santa painted on the cheek to give an idea of what could be done in that regard. Both of them are terrific options.

Santa Face Painting

When looking for some ideas concerning a Santa face painting I would like, I discovered that even though there were quite a few Santa faces with similar looks, when I looked a little closer it was clear that the designs were similar, but the details in how the Santa face was created were very different.

That's the case with this first Santa, where more of a cloud style was used in the areas where white color was called for. You can see that with the hat, the eye brows, tip of the hat and the beard and mustache.

I call attention to that so you can see how easy it would be to recreate this look for yourself or someone else you're painting a Santa face on.

Here all you would need to do is put your white base on the appropriate areas of the face, and then add the darker lines to fill it in with that unique style.

That's done with everything with the exception of the beard, where the decision was made to change it slightly by curling a few parts with curly, dark lines. It works very well, giving the sense of a few out of place hairs. Pretty cool and easy look to do.

And of course the spectacles are a must for any Santa face painting, and with those all you need to do is take into account the downward line needed to design the side of the glasses, and them curving it over the bridge of the nose to give the appearance they're lying low on the nose.


santa | Source

Santa Face Painting with Gold Spectacles

Next we have a Santa face painting with him wearing gold spectacles instead of the usual darker type shown in the above Santa.

This is a good example of what it takes to make a Santa face. First you've got to picture in your mind what it is you want to look like, or what it is the person desires in a Santa face. You can see below where the red for the cheeks and nose was colored in, as well as the places where the white paint would be.

All of that is applied as a foundation in the general areas you want to cover. From there, you can then add whatever you want. In this case, the gold spectacles and the drawing in of dark lines to give some structure to Santa's face and hat.

This is how all the Santa faces are painted.

Santa with Rosy Cheeks and Nose

santa face painting
santa face painting | Source

Santa Face Painting with Deep Red Color

This face painting of Santa is included to show a some good and bad things to do or avoid when face painting a Santa face.

First the good. What I like about this the most, and even better than the first two Santa faces, is the deep red used for Santa's hat. It covers really well and looks great as it hangs to the side of the face.

Of course the immediate negative problem is the poor coverage of the eyebrows, which can be too easily seen. The first Santa face has the best coverage there, and you can see how good this would have look with the whiter of the hat contrasting with the dark red. Be sure to cover the eyebrows completely when face painting Santa.

The white part of the hat doesn't go down far enough either, leaving far too much space below the edge of the hat. Even a lower line through the eyebrow would have helped to alleviate the distorted look there.

Finally, the area on the upper chin was also very thin in white paint, making it look too much like a half covered face. For the most part this would have been a great Santa face. All that was really needed was a thicker white base paint to ensure the proper areas were covered correctly.

Remember, you can always use the dark lines to fill in details around the paint. That leaves some room to experiment and thicken the paint where it's needed.

Red Nose Santa

Santa | Source

Santa and Reindeer Face Painting

These couple of photos of face paintings of Santa and reindeer are fantastic. They show how a couple of children or grandchildren could be painted together to feel a part of the Christmas festivities.

Both sets of Santa's and reindeer look awesome, and any child would love to wear Santa or a reindeer on their faces that look like these. The spectacles on each Santa face painting look very cool.

And what about those two cute little reindeer girls? Either of these images would be great for photos for fond memories in the years ahead.

Children with Santa Faces

santa and reindeer
santa and reindeer

Face Painting of Santa on Cheek

Now we have an example of the full face of Santa being painted on the cheek. Many people don't want to go through the process of filling up the entire face with paint, so instead opt to go the route of painting Santa on the cheek, as you see below.

In this case the point isn't the quality of the design, but the placement of Santa. You can do any design of Santa's head you want. Anyone wanting to generate some good will, and in the case of children, gather some attention to themselves, won't mind too much about the size of Santa, but will enjoy wearing him on their cheek for all to enjoy.

Adding a real Santa hat to complement the Santa face painting is a nice touch.

Santa on Cheek

santa on cheek
santa on cheek | Source

Fun Santa Face Paintings

What would be a lot of fun and enjoyment to me would be not to tell people you're painting yourself as Santa, or in the case of doing it for someone else, keeping it quiet until they emerge and surprise everyone. That always generates smiles and good will for the day.

Even though you don't have to be a great artist to enjoy painting or having a Santa face painted on you, follow some of these tips and you'll find it's easy to do, and the end result will be better than you believed.

Face painting Santa on you or someone else is a terrific way to boost the festivities and enthrallment of all on this special day.


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