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Santa Going Down Chimney Wallpapers

Updated on August 21, 2015

Wallpapers of Santa Going Down Chimney

Maybe more than any other Christmas image related to Santa Claus, his going down the chimney may be the one that is imagined more than any other by children thinking about it. And maybe a few adults as well.

Questions on how that exactly happens is probably the most asked in the regard, and other than saying it's a mystery or secret, the idea of a magical occurrence is what lingers in the minds of children who aren't able to figure it out.

Consequently, depictions of that imaginary event by artists produces some interesting images, although most aren't of the actual act of Santa going down the chimney, but rather of one of him about to go down. That of course allows for the imagination of children to keep that event in their minds as they believe it to be.

Even so, with Christmas wallpapers of Santa going down the chimney, there are some that show the actual process of Santa doing it. There is one in this article that portrays that, and it is by far my favorite of the bunch.

Other wallpapers, like most art showing Santa going down the chimney, are of the nature already mentioned of him preparing to go, rather than actually doing it.

In those cases the quality of the wallpapers are related to the accompanying and complementary elements included with Santa.

All of those here look great, and any of them would be great as a fun and interesting image to have on the computer or other screen we're using.

They are fun in and of themselves, and of course generate a lot of enjoyment and delight when sharing them with children who are then prompted to again ask about the secrets behind Santa and his going down the chimney, and the usual additional question of how he is able to make global deliveries in one night.

The U.S. Post Office would do well to ask the same question;-)

Santa Christmas Products

Christmas Wallpaper of Santa Magically Going Down Chimney

All of the Santa wallpapers of him going down the chimney look good, and for what they are are of good quality.

But this one showing Santa mysteriously turning into some type of energy and them magically going down the chimney is easily my favorite of any wallpapers that show Santa about to or going down the chimney.

It seems to capture something of what all of us imagine happening when Santa gets ready to descend the narrow confines of the chimney, as well as help to answer the question of what happens if there is a fire going.

The jolly face of this Santa also looks great, as does his amazing outfit which fits so well with our perception of the jolly old elf.

If there is one Santa wallpaper to have on your computer or other screens you use, this is the one I would choose above all others.

santa going down chimney
santa going down chimney | Source

Santa About to Go Down Chimney

The rest of the Santa wallpapers are of him about to go down the chimney. This first one is a good example of how ancillary things are what make the difference between a good and great wallpaper.

Little things like the weather vane on top of the roof of this house is one of those items which determine the quality and desirability of an image.

To me it looks great, as do the many toys sticking out of Santa's bag as he steps into the chimney.

Speaking of that, I think that's a good way to show Santa in this situation. If he's not shown going down the chimney, then adding something like his leg already in the chimney is a way to imply he is about to take some action.

Also interesting in this Santa image is how he is looking right at you as if somehow you caught him at what he is about to do. Telling that to children would conjure up the old idea of attempting to catch Santa when he's in their home.


Santa Wallpaper with Him Carrying Big Sack of Gifts

What is unusual about this Santa wallpaper is the way his sack is shown full of more toys than we're used to seeing him carry. We all hope the reason for that is he has come to our house and somehow we are deserving of the extra presents.

Going through these wallpapers I found it instructive when looking at what it was that Santa was carrying in his bag that was shown to us.

Have your ever noticed that there usually is a trumpet, candy canes, and a bear sticking out of the sack Santa is carrying? For some reason we are always offered those as part of what we see Santa carrying. That's the case in these digital works of art as well.

With this Santa what is unique is we get to see a whole lot more sticking out of his bag than normal.

santa with big bag of gifts
santa with big bag of gifts

Santa About to Go Down Chimney and Deliver Presents

Elements that make this a great Santa wallpaper include that very realistic looking chimney. Many chimneys, as with the couple of photos above this one, have chimneys that look more like they came from a cartoon than based upon reality in any way.

But it's different with this chimney, as it is really done well.

What is also very nice about this is the homes and other buildings in the background. the trees also look great. It really makes this an amazing wallpaper.


Santa on Rooftop with Reindeer

This is our first look at a Christmas wallpaper with Santa's sleigh and reindeer sitting on the roof as he's about to go down the chimney and deliver presents.

It's a terrific image, and how many times have some of us attempted to make it sound like Santa and the reindeer were on the roof, although admonishing the children that they couldn't try to look or Santa may leave without delivering the presents.

The detail of this wallpaper is nice, with the many presents sitting on the sleigh which weren't for this particular house. Notice there is a trumpet amongst the presents on the sleigh.

A nice addition to the art is the footprints of the reindeer in the snow, as well as the Christmas tree seen in the window of the house Santa is about to enter via the chimney.


Santa Going Down Chimney Wallpapers

There can be no doubt that children seeing a Santa wallpaper like this would be delighted and full of comments and questions as the view the various Santa's and how they are about to go down the chimney.

I'm positive the first Santa wallpaper would produce the most comments and questions, but it could also be used to help children visualize what it is that Santa is thought to do when going down the chimney.

That image in their heads should stop at least one incessant Christmas question from being asked again.

More than likely they'll also consider themselves experts in the matter, attempting to explain to their friends exactly how it is that Santa practically goes about his job.

Whether for children or ourselves, Santa wallpapers of him going down the chimney are great, and will always generate a smile or two, putting us in a good mood as a result of being able to see the image all of us have had in our minds at one time or another.


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