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Santa Suit

Updated on October 20, 2013

Who's Gonna Be Santa

I remember when I was growing up that there always seemed to be a Santa Claus popping by over the Christmas Holiday.

When I was real young I thought the dude was the real thing but as I got older it was easy to see that Old St Nick was really only uncle Frank. That is the way it goes for most young kids. The great part of dressing like Santa is the memories it will instill in kids for the rest of their lives. There is also the office party that can use someone to brighten up the event in a costume of the ultimate gift bearer. Loads of fun are sure to follow.

Jolly Flocked Velvet Suit

InCharacter Costumes

This is a high quality suit for the serious Santa. The coat is long and made of a deep red velvet. This beautiful piece is embroidered with gold metallic on either side of the button down faux fur center. Flocked style design velvet pants. Finished off with a wide black belt and boot covers. The hat is the same quality material as the rest of the outfit. A shoulder cape with faux fur trim also has the embroidered metallic accents. This is the ultimate Father Christmas suit.

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Miss Santa or Young Mrs Santa Suit - Cute and not too sexy

This is a wonderful costume for Mrs. Claus. Very cute and not overly sexy. I never thought of dressing up for Christmas until I saw this. The suits I came across were too sexy and offered very little warmth. This with a pair of white stockings and white gloves would be comfortable going to any event or celebration. Perfect for both day and night on Christmas. Included is a beautiful red dress with full length sleeve trimmed in faux fur. A fantastic addition is the caplet which is also trimmed in fur. A cute, jolly red hat with pompom at tip. Included is the black belt to cinch the waist. Family or classroom acceptable outfit. For more information or to buy click below.

Men's Deluxe Regal Santa Claus Suit

Everything you need for a regal Santa. Plush bright red suit trimmed in Faux Fur. You can't finish the suit off without a big black belt. You get boot tops to complete the the look. Included are all the extras like a beard, mustache and matching white wig. For more info click on the link / button below.

Sexy Mrs. Santa Claus Suit

Secret Wishes Santa's Inspiration

Polyester so you won't have to worry about wrinkles with this sexy Mrs. Santa suit. Bright red velour faux fur trimmed hat with fur pompon on the end. Big black belt cinches at the waist of these beautiful sleeveless dress. A fine touch of color is added to the arms with red velour sleevelets. Theses look like elegant fingerless opera gloves. For more information and to buy click below.

Baby Santa Hat With Jumpsuit

This little Santa is just too cute. Once this jumpsuit is on you won't want to take it off. Have your cameras at the ready for some precious memories. Bright red suit with faux fur, black belt and adorable hat. The little feet are skid resistant to prevent falls. Easy open and close snaps to make diaper change a breeze.

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Plush Childs Santa Suit Costume - Santa's Little Clone

Christmas is a family holiday and is probably the favorite time of year for children. Why not get your child into the fun of creating the holiday with a kids Plush Santa Costume. Another favorite of kids is Halloween and dressing up is the best part. With this suit you will be giving your youngster the best of both days. If dad is the designated Santa in you house it is only right that Santa's little one is a miniature of their dad. Plush red costume is trimmed in faux fur and is topped off with a matching "Santa hat" with fluffy pompom at the tip. A white beard, black belt and black boot tops finish off the delightful costume. For more information click below.

Santa Suits for Dog

Don't for get to let your best friend join in on the holiday fun. Just like Santa your dog can be decked out in a bight red and white costume. Jolly hat red jacket and wide black belt with big buckle. No matter what breed of dog you have their is an outfit to fit. Check out the information or to buy click below.

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