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Santa and His Sleigh Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on November 20, 2014

Wallpapers of Santa and His Sleigh

One of the most enjoyable and inspiring images associated with Christmas is that of Santa Claus flying across the sky in his sleigh and reindeer.

How many times have we all had visions of this event happening while getting the opportunity for a peak at the amazing scene?

To that end I've put together some Christmas wallpapers for those that haven't had the privilege, and also to share with those that still want to get a glimpse at what it would really look like.

For those with young children it would be a terrific scene to display on our computers or other screens to conjure up imaginations and get them all excited, talking, and asking questions. Of course they're sure to offer their own opinions on Santa and his sleigh, and which one they like the best.

Some of Santa's sleighs in this article are of hims shooting across the skies; in one case with a high-powered modernly modified sleigh. Others have it on the ground after landing to deliver presents. There is even one sleigh on the ground that is being pulled by horses rather than reindeer.

However you like to imagine Santa and his sleigh, there should be something enjoyable to download on your computer to enjoy yourself and to share with others.

Santa's Sleigh with Angels

This is a really fun and compelling wallpaper of Santa driving his sleigh with two reindeer and three angels accompanying him on a joyful ride.

Designing the angels like children is a great idea, especially when doing it for children in your life who will see the screen and immediately related to them.

These angels are very comfortable riding with Santa, which is understandable since they are always flying about, which is nothing new to them.

It's celebrating by playing music and looking down on the town that makes this such a wonderful image.

Also getting into the act is the happy moon which seems to be glowing a little more because of the activity.

santa sleigh
santa sleigh | Source

Santa Pulling Sleigh Full of Bears

Here we have a little bit of a different look for Santa and his sleigh. In this case he's pulling his own sleigh with a load of toy bears filling it up.

His smiling face and relaxed countenance show that he isn't in the least bothered by what's going on, and apparently the more bears the merrier for Santa.

I like the way the animals are so relaxed and calm as Santa passes by


Santa in Horse-Drawn Sleigh

What is great about this unique wallpaper of Santa in his sleigh is many things are just a little bit off with it.

You have the obvious with the horses pulling the sleigh instead of reindeer, and the pretty girl standing behind Santa on the sleigh instead of elves. All that adds to the surprise and fun of the image.

The quality of this wallpaper is terrific, with the gorgeous horses, background, and overall color which enhances the complete picture. Very nice.


Super Sonic Santa's Sleigh

It is obvious with this Santa's sleigh wallpaper that it is attempting to explain just how it is that Santa gets around the entire world in one night to deliver all his presents.

Seeing the reindeer unaffected by the speed of this super sonic sleigh shows that they have a bit of magic in them to compensate for the new technology.

The way the stream of energy is under and behind the sleigh adds to the fantastic look and feel of this awesome sleigh. How fun would this be to surprise anyone with?

super fast santa sleigh
super fast santa sleigh | Source

Beautiful Wallpaper of Santa Being Pulled by Reindeer

There is outstanding quality in this wallpaper where the reindeer are shown pulling Santa and his sleigh as he's leaving the area.

The colors are vibrant, and it's interesting to see the reindeer appearing to effortlessly pull the sleigh up through the sky with the backdrop of a stunning moon.

Seeing the trees casting a shadow from the light of the moon as the reindeer prance into its light is an amazing design and work of art to enjoy viewing. The mountain on the right top of the wallpaper completes a very impressive Christmas wallpaper.


Christmas Wallpapers of Santa and His Sleigh

While it is relatively easy to find wallpaper examples of Santa and his sleigh flying across the heavens, it's not as easy to find those that change the traditional view of Santa and the reindeer.

Those here offer both for those who like traditional Christmas wallpapers and for those preferring something a little bit different.

Hopefully they'll bring great enjoyment for you and those that share in the amazing pictures of Santa, his reindeer, and the sleigh they are pulling, or in the case of some, Santa or horses are pulling.

This is what's really fun about digital art. You can use a traditional foundation to design it in that manner, or to adapt and adjust it to create an entirely now look for a subject we don't usually consider in that light.

These Santa and his sleigh wallpapers do all of that.


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