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Music and Gifts for a Sax Player

Updated on January 23, 2016

Great Gift Ideas for the Saxophone Player

If you're looking for a gift for either a sax player or a jazz music lover, you've come to the right place! With plenty of great gift ideas, you're sure to find something they'll love. No matter what your budget is, you'll find something to fit it.

Enjoy your visit here and I hope you find what you're looking for! If not, please add a comment at the end with your idea and I'll try to add it here.

Sax Music and Supplies

If the last person on your list is a sax player and you're clueless about what to get them, don't fret! This list of great gifts is just for you! You'll find lots of gift ideas. Buy the items online right from this page or take these ideas and head to the store to finish up your list. Most music stores will have these items in stock at any given time.

Sax Stands

It's awkward not having a place to put your saxophone down between songs but with a nice stand for it, it's easily put down and picked back up again. They are also fairly inexpensive and make great gifts! If your sax player has more than one saxophone or didn't types, then get one that's made for multiple saxes.

Music Stands

Music stands are usually pretty basic and most people get them right away when they start playing but you can find some nice new designed ones that would make a great gift. Something a little more sophisticated than a basic stand is nice to receive as a gift.

Collapsible music stand. Easy to carry, easy to store! And very reasonably priced so it makes a great gift! It's one of those necessary items that don't seem like much fun but they're really appreciated once they're put to use.


Sax players go quickly through reeds so it's extra nice if they have an extra box or two around. It's even better when they don't have to spend the money on them. Just make sure you know the right size before you buy them so that your sax player doesn't have to take them back to the store before using them.

Looking for a New Saxophone to Give as a Gift?

You can find really great deals on eBay but you also have to be careful too. I've bought a few saxophones and a flute on eBay that turned out to be great but a trumpet I bought ended up not working properly. It was brand new and looked great but the quality was so poor that I had to get rid of it. Use caution when buying but if you've done your research and find a reputable seller, it might find a good deal.

Is eBay a great place to buy instruments?

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Saxophone Cases

A new saxophone case is another great gift! There's a lot of styles to choose from. There's either hard cases or soft cases to protect the saxophones. The hard case is a big rectangular box with a handle and the soft cases are shaped and feature straps so you can throw your sax on your back. They keep all the necessary accessories in one place so they're not all over the place. You can find different colors and designs. These cases are really nice to have!


Saxophone players are in a category all their own! Of course they have their own T-shirts. Saxophone themed of course! This is another one of those great gifts that come in all different styles, sizes, designs and prices. You'll certainly be able to find one for that special person.

Music for Your Saxophone Player

There's plenty of music selections for your saxophone player. From the younger set to the more advanced players, you'll find something they'll love! Everyone knows these songs so they are easy to learn. You'll most likely know the tune already so it's just a matter of learning the notes.


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Saxophone Collectibles

Fun little stuff to collect! Ornaments, patches, key chains, you name it! You can find it! If you go to Amazon and search for "saxophone", all kinds of different things will come up. Unique shirts and little trinkets. They're so many different things to pick from.

Learn How to Play the Saxophone

There's DVDs available that can teach you how to play. Maybe your sax player is a wannabe and they could use some help. A music book can teach them how to play the right way!

This is the ultimate beginners series. Great for the new student trying to learn to play! These are songs that everyone will enjoy playing and listening to. Since they are common well known songs, it's easy to learn with them guiding you. You can hear the song in your head as you play.

Cleaning Kits

It might not sound like much fun but cleaning kits will get used. Your money won't be wasted on these gifts. They may seem boring at first but the receiver will definitely think of you when they need a cleaning cloth and they remember the one that you got them. You can buy individual items or you can find a kit.

Conn-Selmer Saxophone Care and Maintenance Kit with Bonus Keychain Instrument Tuner
Conn-Selmer Saxophone Care and Maintenance Kit with Bonus Keychain Instrument Tuner

Regular maintenance will keep an instrument working much longer. As long as this kit gets used often, your instrument will stay in great shape! Makes a great gift!


Help Them Decorate

If there's a real love of jazz and saxophones, decorating items might just be what they're hoping to receive! Posters and framed pictures of famous sax players to hang up in the room where they play their instrument might be just what they were hoping for!

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