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"The Christmas Program"

Updated on December 11, 2010
As Christmas is fast approaching once again, I have been relfecting on past Christmases when I was a child and one in particular stood out in my mind. I have always loved Christmas, music playing,snow falling and just the love and warmth that everyone seemed to show. The beautiful lights that lite up the houses and the smell of good food coming from the kitchen.It was in elemntary School that I was choosen to be in a Christmas program I was so excited and could not wait to get home to tell my Grandmother that I was going to be in a Christmas program. She was so excited and called her best friend to come out to see the program. I will never forget the attire we were to wear, black skirt and white top and we made our red bows in the classroom, I could not wait to get into that outfit and have my Grandmother,Mom, and friends come to see me in this program. I can't remember all of the details but I got into some trouble a couple of day's before the big event and was told that I would not be allowed to participate in the program, I was livid and cried all the way home, I could not bring myself to tell anyone what happended. My Grandmother took me shopping for the things I needed and she was just going on and on about how proud she was of me and could not wait to see me up there on that stage, well my little mind started racing to figure out how I was going to get up there on that stage, I had to do it because I had people coming to see me. The day finally arrived and I got up and got dressed in my outfit still not knowing how I was going to pull this off. I hid in the girls bathroom and I saw all the people begin to arrive, I stepped out into the hall to see if I could get a glimpse of my Grandmother and sure enough I ran into her,she looked so beautiful and so proud and she gave me a big kiss and said she would see me in the I knew I had to come up with something to get myself on that stage but what?. I went to my Teacher and tried to explain to her but she was not giving in at all. So I went back into the girls bathroom as the rest of the class was getting in line to march onto the stage, well I knew how to get there because it is how we went in during our rehershals..suddenly I had an idea and prayed it would work. I waited until everyone was in there spot on stage and the Teacher was seated at the piano and I made my move I found my way to the back of the stage and took my place on the stairs, and as the music began to play I started to sing with my class, I could see my Grandmothers smiling face looking at me so proudly, and then I looked over at my Teacher and all she could do was smile, the program was a hit and I was so proud of myself. I will never forget the big hug and kiss I got from my Grandmother afterwards, and my Teacher never said a word. It was the best Christmas ever, I could not let my Grandmother down and it all worked out. That is my best Christmas memory ever.


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