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The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Updated on September 23, 2013

The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

What is the Bodach-rocais that scares the Scots?

What is the Bwbach that worries the Welsh?

What is the Fugleskræmsel that daunts the people of Denmark?

What is the Vogelverschrikker that brings dread to the Dutch?

What is the Vogelscheuche that grosses out the Germans?

What is the Bijuka that intimidates the people of India?

What is the Kakashi that makes the Japanese jittery and jumpy?

What is the Matarsack that intrudes upon Iranians?

What scares even The Batman when he is dosed with a drug?

The Scarecrow.

This lens is about the scariest of them all.

[Legal disclaimer: If this lens causes you to have a heart attack, then your reading past this point constitutes your agreement to hold harmless the lens mistress and to waive your right to sue.]


Source Port-42

Author Victor Bezrukov


photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Who is the The Scarecrow?

A man of sin?

A bishop?

A follower of a cult?

No, far worse!

A vicar named Dr. Syn.

What did The Scarecrow do?

Scare the daylights out of the conscription gangs who were abducting men into the British Navy during the 18th century.

Drive the king insane

Frighten a few crows

Scare libertarians stark raven witless with his threats to sign the NDAA for 2013 (worse than the NDAA for 2012)

Where is Romney Marsh?

the family backyard where dogs are interred?

pet cemetery?

place where you find children of the corn?

a Florida swamp where political opponents are buried in shallow graves?

just this side of the gates of Hades?

No, worse than those!

wetlands in County Kent and East Sussex in south-east England

Don't let young children read this:

Most frightening of all, these wetlands are protected from over-development by the government !!!


photo attribution: Ian Dunster

strange but true fact

Today there is no king (Queen Elizabeth II but no tyrant king) and in America, no monarch at all. But the powerful rich still send men off to fight in wars and no one speaks for the poor or the working class.

What scares you?

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