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Scary Bottle Label Stickers

Updated on February 2, 2013

Halloween Wine Bottle Stickers

Your Halloween Party will not be completed without having this spooky Halloween Bottle Label Stickers.

This cool, cute and spooky halloween labels is a great accessory for wine and beverage bottles. This is a great idea for Halloween party table.

The labels are self adhesive and you can transform your normal and everyday beverage drinks and bottles easily to a creepy and spooky halloween drinks. What do you think? Would your friends and relatives dare to drink them?

Image Credit: Halloween Wine Bottle Stickers (8 count)

scary halloween bottle label stickers
scary halloween bottle label stickers

Turn your beverage containers, everyday bottles and jars into creepy concoction containers by covering the labels with these creepy alternatives, self adhesive spooky Halloween label stickers. This includes 18 pieces and can be used on a variety of beverage containers.

This Haunted Bottle Labels labels and stickers will surely give your mind a spooky touch during halloween. The designs are creepy and spooky! The name brands are Truth Serum, Sulfuric Exlixir, Red Blood, and Liquid Phantom.

This Halloween bottle labels will transform your normal bottles and containers into the ingredients of a spiders, crow and witches brew at your Halloween party. This set includes 18 pieces of creepy halloween bottle stickers.

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