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Scary Halloween Masks

Updated on September 17, 2012

The Best Scary Halloween Masks

When it reaches the end of October you will often find kids and adults alike dressing up with scary or outrageous costumes. Despite the huge selection of Halloween costumes out there, you really need a scary halloween mask to really give your Halloween persona some real character.

You can find scary Halloween masks in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to be a witch, or a miniature King Kong, you can always find a great scary Halloween mask to make you look the part.

In this hub I will try to help you find the best scary Halloween mask for your yearly celebrations.

Best Scary Halloween Masks
Best Scary Halloween Masks

What to Look for in a Scray Halloween Mask

Choosing from the best Scary Halloween Masks is not always easy, there is a huge selection to choose from. Fortunately we are here to help with some basic tips to make your Scary Halloween Mask buying experience a pleasant one.

  • Please, always match the scary Halloween mask to your costume. Trying to mix it up rarely works! You can find some great Halloween Outfits to go with any mask!
  • Choose the right material for your scary Halloween mask. if you are going to be in a hot place you should choose cloth or plastic over latex. However if you are going to be in a fairly rough/drunken state then a stronger latex scary Halloween mask might be the best choice.
  • Avoid the temptation to go cheap. Nothing can ruin a costume more quickly than a mask that looks like it was created by a two year old. You need your scary Halloween mask to look good.
  • Check the sizes, a mask which doesn't fit properly can be uncomfortable all night.

Pirate Halloween Mask
Pirate Halloween Mask | Source

Pirate Halloween Masks

Pirates are one of the more fun Halloween costume ideas, and with a dead pirate mask you will have one of the scariest Halloween masks of the year.I love to pretend to be a pirate, lets face it, scourge of the seas, all around bad***.

There are hundreds of dead pirate masks out there now, especially since Pirates of the Caribbean came out. This is pretty good news for those of use who like to be a pirate during Halloween.

Once you have a good pirate Halloween mask then you just need to get the rest of your costume together. A baggy shirt under a waistcoat always looks good, and a plastic sword can help draw the costume together!

Scary Halloween Masks

Zombie Halloween Mask
Zombie Halloween Mask

Zombie Halloween Masks

When it comes to scary, Zombies pretty much rule it all.  A Zombie Halloween mask can give you  a real scary halloween mask which can be incorporated to a fantastic costume. A bit of fake blood, a ripped old shirt and even some fake body wounds can really turn a zombie Halloween mask in to an amazing Halloween costume.

Finding the perfect zombie Halloween mask is not always easy, you definitely want to find a scary halloween mask which looks like it matches your body type, also keep an eye out for masks which look a little more realistic rather than cheap!

Scary Halloween Masks

Witch Halloween Mask
Witch Halloween Mask

Witch Halloween Mask

If you ask someone to think of three things when you say Halloween, Witches will probably be somewhere in that list. While this is more a costume for the ladies, anyone can hide behind a scary witch Halloween mask.

When you get a Witch Halloween mask you will also probably want to pick up a long flowing cloak, a broom, and maybe a hat (If one is not attached to the mask itself. All this brought together turns a simple scary halloween mask in to a fully fledged halloween costume!

When you are looking for a Witch Halloween mask you are looking for discolored skin, warts, and evil looking eyes to give your friends a little jolt of terror when they see you.

Scary Halloween Mask

Evil Clown Halloween Mask
Evil Clown Halloween Mask

Evil Clown Halloween Mask

okay, so maybe this is less scary, and more jst downright creepy. But the truth of the matter is that an Evil Clown Halloween Mask is still a little freaky to many adults, let alone children. Something just seems a little unsettling when you are faced with someone wearing an evil clown Halloween mask, and they are undoubtedly one of the best scary Halloween masks ever.

There are quiet a lot of styles of the evil clown Halloween mask some are rather simplistic, while others have fresh cuts, and manic contorted features.

If you are looking to make an impression then a scary evil clown Halloween mask can definitely be a good choice, and we have some great examples below for you to choose from!


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