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Scary Halloween Yard Stuff

Updated on December 27, 2013

Scary Yard Decorations For Halloween

What kind of scary Halloween yard stuff are you looking for? There are so many different yard decorations for Halloween and on this lens I will show you some funny and some scary yard decorating ideas. You can find Halloween lights, tombstones, animated zombies, scary pumpkins, vampires, graveyard kits, fog machines, special effect sounds, Halloween yard inflatables and that's just the beginning!

Browse this lens to find the scary Halloween yard stuff to turn your front yard into a haunted field of terror. Get lots of fun Halloween ideas and start your decorating today. Turn you yard into one of the best Halloween yard haunts in the neighborhood. The image I used here is a Halloween Decoration Cemetery -Graveyard Kit and it is from Amazon. It's sold below and this is just one of the many scary Halloween yard decorations you will find.

This kit comes with the things you will need to create a scary, haunted scene in your yard. There is a cemetery wall (it comes in several pieces), two tombstones, plus there is a rubber bat, a spider and a web to create a creepy feeling that will thrill your visitors on Halloween night.

Tombstones Are Scary Halloween Yard Stuff! - Make A Cemetery In Your Front Yard

There are many different tombstones to choose from when you are planning a cemetery in your yard at Halloween time. Here are a few hauntingly good ideas if you want to fill your yard with scary stuff for Halloween. People choose tombstones by size, by color, by shape, symbols on them and even by the lettering. Some folks like a gothic tombstone, while others like an angel tombstone, or even a cracked and broken tombstone. One bit of Scary Halloween Decorating Advice...You can never have too many creepy headstones in your Halloween cemetery.

Tombstone Epitaph

What To Write On A Halloween Tombstone

Everyone knows a tombstone needs an epitaph. An epitaph is a statement on the tombstone, it tells something about the person who is buried here. It usually contains at least a birth date and the date of the death. In a Halloween graveyard you turn your yard into you can have all kinds of fun with the epitaphs because you get to make them up yourself. You can just write in R.I.P., that's Rest In Peace, or you can pick one of these funny ideas for your Halloween tombstone decorations:

  • I. B. Dead
  • Ded N. Gone
  • Ded N. Buried
  • Indy Grave
  • N.O. Moore
  • U.R. Next
Have some fun with these epitaphs! Some people write their own names on the tombstones but I think I am a bit too superstitious to do that!

Zombies Are Very Scary Halloween Yard Decorations

Scary Zombies For Your Yard

Zombies are just as scary, if not scarier, that Halloween tombstones. If you want a few zombie decorations in your graveyard here are some of the most popular ideas out for Halloween. You can find still zombie props or the very popular animated zombies. All of these will be a fun addition to the rest of your fun and scary Halloween yard decorations!

Halloween Yard Haunts

Lawn Ghosts, Skeleton Flamingos, Moaning Tree Face Yard Decorations

Some more scary Halloween yard stuff! Decorate your yard for Halloween with the Skeleton Flamingos, the original Halloween yard haunts...the Ghost Group, the noisy, moaning Tree Face, or the 5 ft. LED Ghost decoration.

Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Fun And Scary Inflatable Decorations For Halloween

These Halloween inflatables get better and better every year. I love to see them all around the neighborhood, they set such a fun holiday mood. Here are some of my favorite Halloween inflatables, and there are a lot of them! Gemmy is about the most popular name in inflatables, have you heard of them?

Create A Scary Halloween Yard With Cemetery Gates

These cemetery gates are super scary! How much fun will it be to create the ultimate graveyard cemetery scene with these huge cemetery gates this year. Your house is going to be the spookiest Halloween haunt in the neighborhood!

Halloween Lights Make Great Yard Decorations

Scary And Fun Light Sets For Halloween

Here are some lighting ideas to go along with the rest of the Halloween yard stuff you will find on this page. Light up your yard for the holidays with these fun lighting ideas, or find more at My Halloween Lights Lens.

Fog Machines Make Scary Halloween Yard Decorations Scarier! - Fog In Your Yard Is Scary At Halloween Time

The fog hides things. The fog tricks us, it doesn't let us know what's up ahead. It's one of the scariest special effects I can think of, and you can make it in your house or your yard to give your Halloween yard decorations a truly scary look and feel. These Halloween props, the pumpkin, the animated devil, the spewing corpse, are not fog machines...they are attachments. You can attach them to a 400 Watt, 700 Watt or 1000 Watt fog machine to create a unique fogger for your Halloween yard or party.

Fog Machine Accessories - Don't Forget Your Fog Juice

You need fog juice to create fog with the fog makers shown up above, and you can also find timers to turn your fog machines on and off when you want.

Your Scary Halloween Yard Stuff

Needs Some Scary Sound Effects!

All that scary Halloween yard stuff, your tombstones, your inflatables, your lights, need one more thing and that's some extra scary Halloween sound effects. You know those sounds of terror, the rain, the thunder, the screams from both men and women, the wolves, a witch's cackel, a ghostly boooo, a vampire laughing at the mortal he's about to turn, a squeaking door, the wind, a heart beat and so many more.

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you add lights to your house, send scary music out your doorway, do you set up a cemetery in your yard?

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