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Scary Halloween Games

Updated on January 12, 2017

Top 5 Scariest Halloween Games 2011

If you want a game for Halloween, a game that will scare you, no matter what... Then you are in the right place, because here you will find the scariest of the scariest games of 2011.

Everything from 360 games to pc games, everything you need for the scariest Halloween night ever.

dead space 2
dead space 2

Scary Halloween Games - Dead Space 2

I am a huge fan of the original Dead Space, it being the first game I bought for the Xbox 360 and the one I have gone back to constantly, and my hopes were suitably high for the sequel. The first game was a chilling at atmospheric game that was part Aliens and part Resident Evil, and Dead Space 2 retains the looks and feel while providing some marked improvements that fans of the original will love.

Set three years after the events of the first Dead Space, the main protagonist Isaac is confined to the mental ward of a hospital, suffering from dementia and haunting visionsNecromorphs from the first game, and when he escapes with his life and begins to make his way through the chaos that surrounds him. After being eased into the game through some expository dialogue, you don the space suit and obtain the weapons and then the real fun starts.

The first thing that is noticeable from the start is that Isaac is more fleshed out as a character, having full dialogue and an intriguing back story. The secondary characters, some looking to help and others looking to harm him, are equally compelling and add a depth to the story that felt absent in the first game.

dead space 2
dead space 2

The frightening Necromorphs are more aggressive than ever in Dead Space 2, and you will spend a good part of the game fighting them off along with a host of other nightmarish creatures. The key to survival is aiming at their limbs, and this leads to some tense firefights where you are surrounded by enemies and aiming becomes a frantic and sometimes frustrating endeavor. The weapons we know and love form the first game have also returned, including the Plasma Cutter, the Pulse Rifle, and my favorite, the Line Gun.

Dead Space 2 is every bit as creepy and atmospheric as the first game, but you will immediately notice that they have increased the gore and the frequency of the "jump" moments. Like any good horror movie, you will find yourself walking into a dark and very silent room, knowing that something is going to jump out at you.

The graphics and sound of the first game set a gold standard for survival horror games and they are equally stellar here. Adding to the atmosphere are more varied locales, including hospital rooms, a concourse and, most creepy of all, children's bedrooms with bloody handprints on the wall.

This adds up to an experience that feels fresher than the original Dead Space and you get less bored of travelling through space station areas that all look the same after a while. The gameplay is as tight as the original, with responsive controls and meaty weapons are are a pleasure to eviscerate enemies with. That I have noticed an improvement on are the controls in the Zero-Gravity areas, which were cumbersome in the first game but feel better here. Returning are your abilities with Stasis, which allows you to slow down enemies and grab far away objects. Using this skill is a life-saver, especially in the more hectic fights later in the game.

dead space 2
dead space 2

The other notable improvement is the online multiplayer, which consists of two teams of four people, one side being the soldiers and the other being the creatures found in the single-player campaign. The leveling up works like most other competitive online games; you earn points by getting as many kills, as few deaths, and assisting your teammates when they are overpowered. The points from levelling up allow you to upgrade equipment, armour and abilities and it works well for the most part.

The only drawbacks are the high learning curve, especially when playing as a creature, and the lackluster performance of your weapons and stasis in the beginning. Some of my friends have complained about the connection issues with the servers and horrible lag, but I have yet to experience this myself. It's fast, frantic, and yes, a little frustrating. However, I look at the multiplayer as a bonus since I bought this for the campaign.

Overall, Dead Space 2 is a sequel that keeps the strengths of the original game while making some improvements that will please fans who are looking for something new. The single-player campaign is very solid and will keep you busy for 10 to 12 hours, depending on the difficulty chosen, and the multiplayer should satisfy your competitive streak once you get past the learning curve.

I purchased the Xbox 360 version of the game, but the Playstation 3 version comes with Dead Space: Extraction, an on-rails shooters previously exclusive to the Wii, but I own this already so it didn't make a difference to me. Whatever version you choose, Dead Space 2 is a winner and is one of the first great games of 2011.

Scary Halloween Games - Rise Of Nightmares

I have been following this game for a year now. The idea of a mature Kinect game with off-rails controls intrigued me heavily. Also knowing that the team behind the House of the Dead series was working on it made things even more optimistic.

The graphics aren't bad, the blood and gore look really good, easily the best looking Kinect game available. The fun is in the immersion the game gives you, however, not the graphics. Even though it is essentially a light-gun game with melee weapons (and you are the lightgun), it actually adds in a pretty hefty story.

That story may me convoluted and nonsensical at times, but I was surprised that there was actually something there. The way the game pulls you in is where everything clicks. You actually experience the fear and horror, and while it's not going to have you running for your blankie, there are plenty of creepy moments that will get you jumping.

The meat of the game is moving around various areas searching for your missing wife after she is kidnapped. The thing is, zombies are now everywhere and it's up to you and tons of weapons to take them out for good. Things like lead-pipes, knives, machetes, even garden shears are used to end zombies in the most gruesome ways possible. The combat itself works pretty well.

Pretend you are holding a knife and slash or stab the way you would if you were really holding one and the game responds pleasantly and usually pretty accurate. Want to open a door? Simply push it open like you would a real door, or kick it open for dramatic effect. Is there a lever that needs to be activated? Make a "pull lever" motion with your hand and your character will do it.

Zombie in your face?...just kick it away and then slice it up. All the actions you have to coordinate may seem overwhelming at first, but they all make sense without the game even having to tell you what to do.

On that note, there is a learning curve for the controls and the game will keep you very active. Remember, this game is optionally off-rails, meaning you move your character with your body. Simply put one foot forward and your character will walk, take a step back and he will walk backwards (you can also just raise your left hand at most places and have your character auto walk to the next point of interest), you turn by moving your shoulders left or right. It really does take some getting used to, but once you get it down, it turns into a blast to play.

Rise of Nightmares is very much an experiment to see what they could really do with Kinect and that experiment mostly shines. Walking and moving can become a hassle at certain points (like moving and combat against multiple enemies), but it's something that won't drag on the overall experience too heavily. I am sure a sequel with multiplayer and more to do after the main single-player experience would greatly increase the replay and fun.

As it stands, SEGA once again proves that they are the king of 'lightgun' style games. Nightmares is a solid 10-12 hour game if you don't do a whole lot of exploring and just go to finish the game as quick as possible, other than that, there isn't much in terms of replay value.

dead rising
dead rising

Scary Halloween Games - Dead Rising 2

Yes! Dead Rising 2 did not disappoint. I loved DR1 and was a little skeptical about DR2. Gameplay has changed a little but the minor improvements are noticeable - better (not great) combat with firearms, survivors/followers do not get stuck, 3 save slots (6 if you have a memory card). I do miss the photography and twin mini-chainsaws (which were a little too powerful in DR1 with the books). But the game is still a ton a fun and I could not stop playing. There are plenty of things to do and try, and you would have to play it more than once to enjoy everything - but that's how the game was designed. For someone who has not played DR1, don't compare this with Left for Dead - apples and oranges people.

The cut-scenes and voice acting are excellent - in a cheesy B-movie sort of way - but this is dead rising so it fits. Boss battles can be frustrating but once you figure it out they have just the right difficulty. Story was better in DR1 but that does not take the fun away from the game. The weapons do not last that long but the game wants you to try different weapons/combos - just wish there were more inventory slots or a storage system. And some of the combo weapons are too big to carry in your inventory so you have to use them up. BTW, yes you can make the combo weapon without earning the combo card, you just cant use the alternate (heavy) attack mode.

After completing it once, I want more and play through it again to try all the cool combo weapons. Some of them (like the BFG and rocket launcher which you can make late in the game) are just too much fun. It is worth buying due to the replay and coop value. Capcom, DLCs please? soon?

fear 3
fear 3

Scary Halloween Games - Fear 3

This game is worth every penny. I'll keep this short and sweet, and comment only on the single player campaign. Fantastic cover system, great enemy A.I., extremely atmospheric and immersive environments, smooth & fun gameplay, easy-to-pick-up controls that just plain work, decent graphics, an epic soundtrack (when it calls for it), and a pretty good story.

The SP campaign felt quite a bit shorter than I normally like, but the ability to go back and play again as a different character with different abilities more than makes up for it. Also, it may not have as many quick scares as the first two games, but there is plenty of tension throughout thanks to the great enemy A.I. and creepy environments. I would recommend F3AR to anyone that enjoys a great close-quarters-combat FPS game, and to anyone that has the ability to sink into a game and just get lost in it.

dead island
dead island

Scary Halloween Games - Dead Island

If you're going to get Dead Island, you'll most certainly be satisfied. I am not at all a Zombie genre fan, I have always thought it was just a dull feeling playing those type of games. I was a bit worried about this at first, looking at it as another dull zombie title that would leave me un-satisfied, but boy was I completely wrong. First off the game on PC is just visually breath taking to look at, everything is rendered just perfectly. It is not only breathe taking visually, but the RPG elements, as well as the character involvement, Controls, Sound and even the storyline are just completely insane....This is definitely a zombie title done right.

You'll get that occasional "OH CRAP!, I didn't even know that zombie was there" moments, it gets you all pumped up but yet also makes you cautious of your surroundings in the game. It captures your attention, and keeps you interested through the whole thing. You must help people out by doing missions, gather health drinks and foods after an attack to keep you alive, you must find ways to manage and equip weapons, as well as upgrading your character to become stronger and more resistant...

Yet you are limited, but you must do anything and everything in your power to bring down them zombies....It is just an all out fun fest. The game is pretty lengthy, so you will be getting your money's worth on this one, not only can join up with friends, as well as join up with people that are nearby in the game levels.


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