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Cool Halloween Art

Updated on July 1, 2014

Wallpapers for Halloween

What do vampires, the grim reaper, carved pumpkins, dark moons, light moons, moons with clouds on them, and other potentially scary or fun things have in common? Halloween of course. And below I've included a number of wallpapers with a variety of images, from scary and eerie to fun and playful.

Either way, Halloween draws out a lot of creativity in people, and whether it's considered a more harmless day and season, or more of a dark and serious one, there are a seemingly endless portrayal of the day, beyond what you would think for a somewhat dubious theme.

One thing I've discovered about Halloween art, including wallpaper, is it usually will include a combination of dark and light colors to give that look we all associate with the day.

It may be hard to describe Halloween art, but we all know it when we see it, as you'll discover below.

Halloween Wallpaper

In this first Halloween wallpaper, just about everything mentioned is included, as evidenced by the dark, costumed figures in the foreground, along with the smiling moon, which looks similar to a carved pumpkin. There is also the bright fire background to provide the atmosphere for the festivities. Very effective.

Halloween Wallpaper with Fire and Moon

Graveyard Wallpaper

This Halloween graveyard wallpaper displays the light and dark theme differently than above. The three points of light include a subdued moon and carved pumpkin, combined with the bright light from the doorway, offering illumination for the overall graveyard scene. Very cool.

Halloween Graveyard Wallpaper

Wallpaper of Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper Halloween wallpaper is one of my favorites of the bunch. The dark figure with his slightly lighted face, shows great with the light from the carved pumpkins, along with the lights along the path. Those pumpkin lantern lights are great looking as well.

Grim Reaper Halloween Wallpaper

Carved Pumpkin Wallpapers

Halloween wouldn't be the same Halloween without carved pumpkins, and that's the case with wallpapers as well. They include a plethora of designs to look at, including those pictured below, which have the very traditional Halloween pumpkin look.

For those pumpkin carvers looking for a pattern, these are a good place to start.

Halloween Carved Pumpkin Wallpapers

Pumpkin Moon Wallpaper

I like this creativity of combining the moon and the pumpkin in what appears to be an evil smile from both. The light flowing down the path from the moon is very compelling and uniquely done. Those branches appearing to push upwards add a nice touch to the image.

Halloween Moon, Pumpkin Wallpaper

Vampire Wallpaper

The art style of the vampire Halloween wallpaper below is great to me. The female creature is also very well done, although I can't remember exactly what it is she represents. Again, note the contrast of light and shadow to create the desired effect.

Vampire Halloween Wallpaper

Evil Scarecrow Wallpaper

This is a nicely detailed scarecrow Halloween wallpaper. The subtle use of light, the hazy moon, and the old time way of stacking hay works fantastic in the field. Those house lights in the background add a hint of realism to the work.

Scarecrow Wallpaper

Spider Web, Haunted House Wallpaper

Below is an interesting wallpaper, including what appears to be a Gothic haunted house or mansion, along with the unique light and image of a shadowy figure in the middle. The spider web and tree in the foreground add a nice layered look.

Haunted House Halloween Wallpaper

Dancing Around Evil Pumpkin Wallpaper

The wallpaper below is so stark, I'm assuming it represents a known theme or story, although one I'm not aware of. If you know what it is, mention it in the comments below. As to the artwork and subject matter, it's an amazing picture, full of a large number of elements and images.

The person standing at the left in the foreground of the picture watching the activities gives a foreboding and evil feel, as if they not only know what's going on, but precipitated it. The figure in the background is so tall, it's hard to tell if it's children or adults holding hands in the circle, but the fire in the middle gives it an ominous feel. Fantastic detail.

Amazing Halloween Wallpaper

Wallpaper Halloween Art

Wallpaper art has come a long way in a relatively short time, and the amazing creativity of the artists can produce some quality and interesting art, as displayed by these Halloween wallpapers. It's only limited by the imaginations and talent of the specific artist.


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