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Seasons - The Best Season

Updated on June 19, 2013


SEASONS by Photosfromafrica DESCRIPTIONBasic illustration of the 4 seasons
SEASONS by Photosfromafrica DESCRIPTIONBasic illustration of the 4 seasons | Source

spring is the best season

It is that strange time, the time between Christmas and New Year. It is a period of suspended animation, when everyone is eating Christmas leftovers and waiting for the New Year to arrive. After New Year, there is the nothing time, between New Year and the first glimmerings of spring.

Spring is a wonderful season, the budding flowers, slowly warming weather, lighter days, and tree buds, herald the promise of the long lazy days to come. The tentative signs that come in early spring bring rising hope and expectation. That first time that you go outside and the gentle, but growing, scent that means spring is coming, replaces winter’s dead smell, raises your spirits in an amazing way.

You begin looking forward, rather than just getting through the days. You notice each new sign that spring is coming, with growing expectation. You dare to dream that the weather may get warm again.

In the depths of winter, it is so hard to believe that it was ever warm or that it will ever be warm again. You sit huddled in layers of clothing like the Michelin man, huddling around the fire or central heating radiators, looking at the gloomy weather outside, people live like moles in the darkness of the short days, scuttling about trying to complete daytime tasks so that they can get home in the relative warmth and comfort of their homes. People rarely stop to talk to one another for long, standing still makes you cold, they rush around looking at the ground so that they do not have to salute acquaintances, who might delay them from their goal, reaching the safety and warmth that is home.

In spring, people hold their heads up, enjoying the warming atmosphere. They notice other people and remark on the spring weather, cheering one another as they do so. The growing signs that appear in the gardens, fields, countryside, and skies that spring is coming are so different from the advent of autumn. As Keats put it, “The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, autumn is only indicative that winter is on the way. The leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, leaving spiteful, spiky, bare branches poking the graying skies. The newly plough fields are stark in their dark bareness, so unlike the gentle wispy green of the first spring shoots.

Autumn and winter are fierce seasons. Summer is blowsy as she gets towards her peak in August. Spring is the best season of all, for it heralds promise and expectation of better times coming, spring brings hope.


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