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Sexy Pin Up Girl Costumes

Updated on November 10, 2014
Paper Magic Womens French Kiss Pin-up Girl Costume Available From Amazon
Paper Magic Womens French Kiss Pin-up Girl Costume Available From Amazon

Sexy Pin Up Girl Costumes

The premise of the pin up girl has been around for some time. Now part of our pop culture, the pin up girl poster was meant to be pinned to the wall. Coming into it's own in the 1940s, the pin up is usually a female dressed in skimpy or provocative clothing and has been used by burlesques performers, actresses and models to promote themselves or in later times a brand or product. Even in these political correct days, you can still find pin ups on the wall of traditional male workplaces.

Sexy Pin Up Girl Costumes are well deserved favorite around Halloween and as with most Halloween themes, there are a number of different styles you can choose from. The image on the right typifies the style most people think of when you say Pin Up Girl Costumes.

Pin Up Lion Tamer Set - Burlesque Style Sexy Costume

Imagine going to a Halloween party this season and being the ring master orchestrating the whole night.

If you have ever dreamed of being in the circus or just taming the lion in your life - this is the costume for you!

Sexy Captain Pin Up
Sexy Captain Pin Up

Plus Size Pin Up Girl Costumes

I'm not exactly sure when we as a society became obsessed with idea that thinner is better. When the pin up was in it's heyday, the women who were coveted the most would be considered plus sized today! It's crazy, isn't it.

The models depicted to the right and below are considered plus sized but they look great in these costumes. A bit of a nautical theme...

The costume on the right really has that "boo boo bee doo" look about it doesn't it. Comes with a cute sailors hat and if you want the skirt to flair out more you can purchase a separate petticoat to fill out the look. Be warned - it's short!

Plus Size Sexy Sailor - Pin Up Sailor Costume

Plus Size Long Sleeve Sailor Costume Sexy Navy Uniform Mini Dress White Hat
Plus Size Long Sleeve Sailor Costume Sexy Navy Uniform Mini Dress White Hat

The navy blue and gold looks really cute. You won't need to purchase the hat separately with this costume as it is part of the ensemble. Yay!

The shoes in this photo really match the costume well but unfortunately aren't part of this costume. Boo!

But is bet you can find a great pair of shoes if you have a look when you buy this costume.


Looking for Some Ideas for a Pin Up Costume?

The video below features the song Candyman by Christina Aguilera and has been used brilliantly here to show off some of the great pin up art from yesteryear.

You can use this to get your creative juices flowing if you would rather make or put together your own sexy pin up girl costume!

Classic Pin Up Girls - Get Some Ideas

Major Bombshell Costume
Major Bombshell Costume

Military Pin Up Girls Costumes

Pin Ups Models were extremely popular during the various wars of the last century. So it makes sense that Military Pin Up Girls Costumes will be popular Halloween costumes. Let's face it, uniforms are sexy and everyone loves them.

The image right is for Major Bombshell! Cute name and a lovely shade of army green. You get everything you see in the photo as part of this costume - you just need to add the shoes.

Easy done for you costume. I like it!

Don't want to buy a costume like this? The military pin up costume is also an easy one to pull together right out of the clothes you may already have.

If you just want to turn a LBD (little black dress) into a military look you only need to add a khaki colored hat and khaki shrug. Done!

Prefer the cover up a bit more? Then try the catsuit show below. Still military, still lots of fun, still pinup but a little bit warmer!

Charades Costumes Women's Air Force Angel Adult Costume
Charades Costumes Women's Air Force Angel Adult Costume

You get the suit, the hat and the belt. Unfortunately the gloves and dog tags are not included. I'm sure though these items can be picked up quite inexpensively if you really need to have these as part of the outfit. As is often the case the shoes need to be supplied by you!

Sexy Peacock Pin Up Costume
Sexy Peacock Pin Up Costume

Burlesque Pin Up Girl Costume

These burlesque style bustiers are not for the faint hearted. But if you have the confidence to pull this look off, these costumes look fabulous.

The costume on the right is in a terrific peacock color and comes in two separate pieces of a corset/bustier and a short, short skirt.

With a lace up on the bustier you can get just the right fit. If you already have some over the knee boots then add them or maybe just some sexy high heels. Look is complete.

If you don't want to go for the short option there are the Saloon Girl or the Wild West Burlesque costume. They often come as an ankle length dress so may feel a lot more comfortable to wear. Alternatively, there is an option to go for the shorter on the front and longer at the back style. They still look great!

For some more ideas on this type of costume - visit the link below which will take you to Amazon

Look here for some other great Burlesque costume ideas...

Not Quite Ready To Go Bettie Page? ...then try these Rockabillly Styles

Most of us have heard of the late and great Bettie Page. She was considered the greatest of the burlesque pin up girl models. She could be a little risqué as some of her photos show. A lot of the pin up girl costumes have an element of the Page look.

Not everyone wants to dress this way and some of you may be a bit put off by the amount of skin some of these costumes show. So if the Burlesque and Sexy Pin Up Costumes are a bit revealing for you, then try these Rockabilly/50's style dresses. They give a great 1940s & 1950s vibe and you will still feel like you are dressing up for Halloween.

They are a lot of fun.

H&R London Women's Polka Dot Halter Style A-Line Dress
H&R London Women's Polka Dot Halter Style A-Line Dress

This really cute dress comes in various sizes including plus sizes. It is made of mostly cotton but has some spandex so will have a bit of stretch.

Also comes in a variety of colorways, including black and white, black on black and black and red. So versatile.

The best thing about this dress is it's not JUST a costume only to be worn on Halloween - you can wear this dress anytime if the '50's style is your thing!

Add some fun fishnet stockings and Mary Jane shoes and you are set.


Have Costume - Need Make Up?

Below is a quick video illustrating how to get the classic '40's or rockabilly make up. It may take a bit of practice but it will really complete your look.

Quick Make Up Tutorial

Are You a Pin Up Girl? Let Me Know Below

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