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Love My Lucky Shamrock Knee High Socks

Updated on August 18, 2014

Go For A Little Luck of The Irish With These St. Paddy's Day Favorites

While I am not a big fan of costumes for holidays and occasions other than Halloween, I do enjoy getting a little dressed up in other ways.

For me, socks are always the easiest way to show a little holiday spirit without having to go all in with your outfit. Plus, if you play your cards right, I have learned that you can often get something that you can actually wear all year round. So, it just looks like you have something special for the holiday when you really are being sneaky and making them full-time apparel.

Ready for me to let you know what I mean? Alrighty then! Let us get started right away with my favorite options.

images all courtesy of Amazon

My Top 5 Favorite Shamrock Themed Options

perfect for St. Patricks Day and all year long!

The great thing about shamrocks is that they are green and all things Irish seem to be green, so you have a built in holiday use right there. Plus, we cannot forget Irish luck, lucky clovers and all that.

Like I said, these are my very favorite options. I find that they look great with a little plaid skirt, which of course also usually has some green in it. I guess you can even go all in and pair them with a kilt if you want!

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Knee High SocksMORE INFO

Sock It To Me Clovers Knee High SocksMORE INFO

St. Pat's Day Black Shamrock Knee High SocksMORE INFO

Red Lion Shamrock Knee Hi Tube SocksMORE INFO

Green St. Pat's Beer Unisex Knee High SocksMORE INFO

Why The Tall Ones And Not Short Ones?

You may be looking at these and wondering why I have selected these tall options and not some of the normal shorter ones.

That is an easy question for me to answer.

Since I originally was looking at these sock designs for wearing on St. Pat's, it was not even a question for me in terms of long or short. Why? Because it is usually quite cold where I live in the month of March. So, if I am going to wear these with a skirt (which I am), then the taller options help to keep me warm.

But hey, if you live in Hawaii or something then you might want to go with some of the shorter options. Don't worry though, I have seen some pretty great options in those too - for both guys and girls.

Prefer Short Shamrock Socks? No Problem!

sometimes I do too!

Since I am actually a fan of this design (and all things Irish in general), then I actually do own a few shorty sock options with the lucky design. I have even seen some pretty nice options for guys too. If you want to check out what you can get in a shorter and cooler type of sock, then I suggest you have a look at my favorites right here.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks Socks Adult MORE INFO

St. Patrick's Day Women's Shamrock SocksMORE INFO

Women's All Over Shamrocks SocksMORE INFO

SockGuy Men's Lucky Shamrocks SocksMORE INFO

SockGuy St. Pat's Day Shamrock Crew SocksMORE INFO

Men's Green Beer St. Paddy's Day SocksMORE INFO

When Is Saint Patricks Day, You Say?

If you are all set on wearing some of these for Saint Paddy's, then you might want to double and triple check the date of the holiday. Do not worry though - it is not one of those holidays that changes the date each year.

In fact, you can get your Irish loving and celebrating on each year on the 17th of March.

Of course, you can wear these awesome socks all year long....unless you manage to buy a pair that actually has the holiday name on it!

Do A Little Shopping Time on eBay - need some more options?

If you are still in the market for some new, cool foot coverings, then why not see what the sellers on eBay have to offer? Just remember that you usually have to pay a separate price for the shipping cost, so make sure that you pay attention to those costs before making a purchase. Also make sure that you have a look at the feedback rating for the seller that you are interested in making a purchase from. You do not want to buy from a seller who has complaints from other buyers.

Were you able to find some cool new threads for your feet? If so, let me know which ones you decided to go with. Hope you enjoyed this page!

Are You All Set With Some Cool New Footie Coverings?

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