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Shamrock Stockings or Tights Keep Me Warm At St Paddy's Parties

Updated on August 18, 2014

Celebrate St. Patricks Day and Stay Warm With These!

Since I love all things Irish and Celtic, you had better believe that I love to hit up some St. Pat's Day parties come March the 17th of each year.

But, there is just one teensy little problem.

Where I live, it is still very cold at that time of year. Sometimes, it is even snowing still! And I really hate being cold, but I really wanna show my love of that Irish pride and such.

So, what is a girl to do, right? I will tell you what! Cover up those legs with some festive little shamrock tights or stockings! One year, I even donned a pair of the leg warmers in the image here! They looked great (if I do say so myself) and they kept my legs from freezing off.

Pictured: St. Patrick's Day Leg Warmers (One Size Fits All, Green/White)

images all from Amazon

My Top 3 Favorite Options For Keeping Warm

great for the holiday parties as well as all year long!

If you do a lot of shopping online, then I have no doubt that you have come across quite a few different options that would suit for your purposes. This is true whether you want to wear them under a kilt to a party or to work, then you are likely overwhelmed by all of the choices.

However, I have just three pairs that I like to use. I wear them all during the cold season. Check out my favorites right below here.

Thigh High Women's Sexy Shamrock StockingsMORE INFO

One Size Fits All Women's Shamrock StockingsMORE INFO

St. Patrick's Day Women's Irish Shamrock StockingsMORE INFO

When Is The Big Day?

If you are wondering when you can get all decked out in your green attire, then you need to turn that calendar to the month of March. The big day is on the 17th of March, but often there are parades and parties on the days near the 17th if the big days falls on a weekday. So, check your local newspaper for any events that might occur on or around the big day! And have fun!

Even Babies and Toddlers Can Get In On It!

If you have a little one that you want to dress up in green, these leg warmers are a good way to be festive without having to buy a whole new outfit. I also love that you can reuse them since there is really nothing on them that is holiday specific. Just think how cute that little one will look in these!

Another great thing about these is that they really will be great for keeping that little one all warm and toasty. In fact, I think that these are the perfect way to dress up the little bundle of joy for going to see the local holiday parade. The baby will look super adorable, be super festive and not have cold little legs while sitting out in the cold in the stroller. It really is a win-win here.

You could also deck out the little one in these for some super cute holiday themed photos. You can take the photos at home yourself or go on down to a local portrait studio to get them done. Here's to Irish pride baby outfits this holiday season!

My Favorite Leg Warmers for Toddlers

Here are my three favorites when it comes to shamrock leg coverings for the wee little ones. Keep in mind that these are unisex, so you can dress up your little boys and little girls with them. And won't they look so cute showing off their luck of the Irish this year!

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Baby & Toddler Leg WarmersMORE INFO

St Patrick's Day Argyle Leg Warmers For Baby and Toddler MORE INFO

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Argyle Ruffle Leg WarmersMORE INFO

Find More Celtic Options For Your Legs on eBay

If you are not a fan of my three favorites up above, then you may want to give your luck a try on eBay. There you can usually find great variety and fairly low prices. Just make sure that you check the feedback for the seller to ensure that it is all good before you make your purchase. This will help prevent any problems with the transaction.

When To Celebrate St Paddys

Each year, the holiday falls on the 17th of March. It makes no difference if that date is on a weekend of in the middle of the week. For parties, it certainly helps when the day falls on a weekend. That is also beneficial for parades. That is why you sometimes see the holiday observed on a weekend so that cities and towns can have their festivities while most people are not at work.

In Ireland, the holiday has been observed for well over 1000 years. It began as a way to commemorate the death of the Saint in the fifth century. In fact, when it started the holiday was a religious one. And the feasting is a result of the upcoming arrival of Lent.

Did you find something that will both keep your legs warm and show off some Irish pride? If so, feel free to share which design or pair that you bought.

How Will Your Legs Stay Warm This Year?

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