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Shark Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on March 18, 2015

Shark Birthday Supplies and Ideas

Sink your teeth into some of these shark birthday party ideas! Featured here is everything from licensed shark birthday supplies, personalized invitations to cake decorating supplies, party decorations and much more.

Let's face it, sharks are cool. If you're a little boy, sharks are awesome. So there's nothing better than a shark birthday theme. Lots of sharp teeth, tons of blue and all the fun of the fiercest creature in the ocean, what could be better? Now it's all up to you to pull it together into one ferocious party.

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Shark Splash party invites
Shark Splash party invites

Shark Birthday Invitations

The first things you need are some shark birthday invitations with plenty of bite to them. Since sharks are plenty of fun and you don't have to worry about any specific look, this is a great opportunity to make your own shark themed invitations. Free Kids Crafts has a great start for your invitations. They offer detailed instructions on how to create a shark that pops out of a card fold. It is sure to be a hit with your child and your guests. However, the instructions are geared more toward full size sheet of paper folded in half. You may have a little difficulty finding envelopes for that size, so you can either try to make it smaller or use this method for invites that you plan on hand delivering. Another tip is to add the colors you want before you assemble the entire shark. Once you have the card put together just write in the details. If you want to save yourself some work, Etsy and ebay has some great printable shark invitations and custom options that can be as simple or as personalized as you want.

Shark Party Decorations

When it comes to shark party decorations, you can't go wrong with blue. You can easily transform your party area into an underwater paradise with just a few simple tricks. is going to be the easiest way to make a really big impression on your party and will undoubtedly delight your child. If you want to create the same look on your own all you need is rolls of blue and tan paper, blue streamers and print out plenty of sea animals and coral. Put the blue and tan paper on the walls. Drape the streamers in waves across the ceiling to look like the top of the water. Then you can tape the pictures to the wall and hang them from the ceiling. It is a very affordable way to create an entire underwater world. For even more fun shark birthday decorations use some foil balloons to warn guests they are entering a shark zone. They are the perfect way to tell your guests that they are in for a real adventure.

Shark Hanging Decorations

Creative Converting Shark Splash Hanging Decorations, 3 Pack
Creative Converting Shark Splash Hanging Decorations, 3 Pack

The ceilings don't have to be bare either, use these hanging decorations to add to your deep blue sea effect. I particularly like the "its your birthday chum" sign - if sharks could talk thats probably the kind of things they would say before they attack.


Shark Party Food Ideas

Due to the fact that sharks are so popular there is a wealth of ideas on how to add some unique treats to your table. If you want to have something that is filling but easy to eat, make some shark sandwiches! All you need is make your child’s favorite sandwich or make a variety to please all the guests. Then you can check your local stores for a shark cookie/sandwich cutter. There are different sizes available so you can get different sizes for cookies and sandwiches. Plus it could also be a great way to spruce you your child’s lunchbox. Another great idea is clear cups with blue jello. Before the Jello sets, drop in a gummy shark so that just the tail or the fin appears above the “water.” It is a simple treat that makes a big impression. Goldfish crackers are another must that are simple but great additions to the party. You can also cut triangles of cheese and call them shark teeth for some more themed fun.

Shark edible cake image topper
Shark edible cake image topper

Shark Birthday Cake Ideas

For the cake you may be feeling a little like a fish out of water. But never fear, there is a way that you can make a cake that even Jaws would be proud of. has step by step instructions for how to create an amazing shark cake. It looks completely complicated and like it would just collapse before you finished, but the instructions really do guide you right through the entire process.

If you want something a little easier or even a little more realistic (your older boy may not want "cute" sharks), then Ebay takes the bait. You can get a personalized edible cake topper that features a picture of a real shark coming out of the water. It is scary and gruesome and everything that boys love.

How to make a 3D Shark Cake

Shark Cupcake Toppers and Decorating Supplies

Creative Converting Shark Splash Cupcake Pick Decorations with Matching Baking Cup Wrappers, 12 Count
Creative Converting Shark Splash Cupcake Pick Decorations with Matching Baking Cup Wrappers, 12 Count

This cupcake decorating would be perfect for giving your shark themed cupcakes more bite. The set includes fin cupcake picks and shark design cupcake wraps.

Fun Express Shark Cupcake Stand
Fun Express Shark Cupcake Stand

Once you've decorated your cupcakes you'll need somewhere to display them so everyone can get a good look at your work. This three tiered shark themed cupcake stand is perfect for this job and can hold plenty of tasty cupcakes.

Shark pinata
Shark pinata

Shark Party Games and Activities

For some fun shark activities has some great ideas. One idea is to divide the kids into two teams. One team starts off as sharks and the other starts off as dolphins. Then use several balloons (blown up with air not helium) and tell the dolphins that they must keep the balloons (fish) in the air. The sharks then crawl on the ground and eat whatever fish they can by sitting on them to pop them. After a set amount of time, the teams switch and whichever team eats the most fish wins!

Another fun game involves having the kids toss around a balloon decorated like a shark or a soft toy shark. Play music while the kids toss the shark to each other. Whenever you stop the music the child holding the shark has been "eaten" and is out of the game. This continues until only one player has survived the shark.

For some great shark party favors, EBay comes to the rescue. There you can find some shark tooth necklaces that would be great for both boys and girls. After all who doesn't want to go home with their very own shark tooth?

Birthday Express also has a great option which is Prefilled Shark party favor boxes that includes sticker sheet,critter gummy candy, yo-yo, noise putty and glowsticks. It is an easy way to have a completed favor that is ready to go. It is also candy free which may make the parents happy that their kids will not come home with tons of sweets.

For older kids these favors may be a little too kiddy for them so the favor boxes from Birthday in a box might be a little more ideal for them. They include shark tattoos, stickers, bubbles, a shark toy, a fish straw and a gift bag.

The sea is the limit when it comes to creating a great shark party. With plenty of little touches and big touches, this is one party that you can choose just how much you want to do on your own and how much you want to purchase.

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