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Sheep Costume - Sheep and Lamb Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Cute Sheep and Lamb Costumes

Here's a really cute selection of sheep and lamp costumes for kids adults and dogs. This is a varied selection, with lots of fun sheep costumes to choose from. These are really easy to wear, comfortable costumes that are a great choice for any party.

Coming in jumpsuit form for both kids and adults means that a sheep costume is a fast party ready costume option for both, real easy to get on and off. It's an easy to wear style that is both comfortable and cosy, plus it looks great.

See below for the sheep costume choices available, it's a great costume choice that is sure to get you noticed at any party! The sheep costume for dogs is listed below the kids and adult costumes.

Lamb Costumes For Kids

These are stand out, adorable costumes for kids of all ages.

Cute and cosy, these lamb costumes will have your child as the center of attention at any party. If you want to wow with cuteness, a lamb costume is a great choice to go for.

Costumes for kids don't get much cuter than this, your little one will love wearing the soft, cosy jumpsuit and they'll look as gorgeous as can be.

Perfect for costume parties or a great addition to a dress up box, this is a winning costume choice that kids will adore.

As mentioned above, if you don't see the size you require listed, go through to the product pages for more size options available.

These Lamb costumes are some of the best animal costumes for kids around, but if you want to see more animal costume choices, check out the huge selection of links at the bottom of the page.

There a vast selection to choose from, for kids, adults and dogs too! Great costume choices to suit all budgets.

Sheep Costume For Adults

Not such a huge selection as for the kids, but these sheep costume options listed are great fun and perfect for partying the night away in.

The unisex versions come in jumpsuit form so they're super easy to wear and won't take you long to put on or take off.

The women's sheep costume comes as a 4 piece, you get the top, skirt, leg warmers and headpiece with satin bow and bell details.

These are great sheep costume ideas that are sure to get you noticed at any party.

Sheep Costume For Dogs

The cuteness factor just went way up! This is an adorable sheep costume for dogs that will have people gushing over your furry friend.

Only one design available, but as you can see, it comes in lots of different sizes for all breeds to enjoy! It's a 1 piece costume made from white berber and has a plush pink lining with attached horns, ears and tail.

In order to get the correct size you should measure your dog from the base of their neck down to the base of their tail. This is the measurement in inches that the size reflects:

X-Small: 10"

Small: 12"

Medium: 16"

Large: 20"

Extra Large: 24"

If you want the real cute factor, this is a stand out dog costume that is sure to deliver.


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