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Sheriff Callie's Wild West Kids Costumes & ideas

Updated on September 9, 2015

Sheriff Callie Costume Ideas

Does your kid love Sheriff Callie? Who wouldn't want to be a calico kitten who wears pink cowboy boots and rides a blue horse? Find ideas for Sheriff Callie's Wild West costumes and outfits for kids, right here.

If your little one likes to play dress-up or has a special event coming up and wants to look like her favorite Sheriff, this page features plenty of fun ideas and costumes.

There are even ideas for costumes and outfits for other characters from the show and important accessories that will make your child feel as if they belong in the town called Nice and Friendly Corners.


What Does Sheriff Callie Wear?

Sheriff Callie's outfit is a mix of pink fun and western flair. This is the uniform that lets everyone know she is the sheriff of town:

  • a plain pink cowgirl hat
  • pink bandana
  • pink cowgirl boots
  • blue jeans
  • a brown leather or suede vest with pink stitching
  • a gold sheriff's badge
  • a brown belt with a gold belt buckle (the buckle has two entwined horse shoes on it)

Other things Sheriff Callie might have:

  • A rope or lasso
  • A little guitar
  • A blue horse


Does my Callie costume have to be exactly perfect?


Only as perfect as you want!

Sheriff Callie's Hat

Sheriff Callie always has her pink cowgirl hat perched atop her head. It's one of the standout items of clothing she wears and so you'll definitely want to start with the hat! You can buy one at the store or make it yourself.

Sometimes, a costume is even more fun if you make it yourself!

DIY Pink Cowgirl Hat

Cowboy Hat - Pink Child's Felt Classic Cowboy - Western Rodeo Hats for Kids by Rhode Island Novelty
Cowboy Hat - Pink Child's Felt Classic Cowboy - Western Rodeo Hats for Kids by Rhode Island Novelty

This hat is probably the closest to Sheriff Callie's. This one is made from felt yet fairly sturdy.


Sheriff Callie's Pink Cowgirl Boots

Pink cowgirl boots
Pink cowgirl boots

Sheriff Callie's pink cowgirl boots are a stand-out item when you first set eyes on her, so a good pair is important. The right shoes will ensure that your little cowgirl can sheriff and strut around in style. You'll definitely want to consider how comfortable they are. Sheriff Callie needs to run, jump, and play all day, so the boots need to fit right. If you can find a pair of pink cowgirl boots in a store close to you, that's great, because your child can try them on to see if they are comfortable before you buy them.

Pink cowgirl boots for toddlers and little girls are not hard to find. However, it's worth looking around until you find a pair that's just right. Some designs range from hot pink with sparkles on them to ones with flashing lights. It's all a matter of preference. The old west baby girl cowgirl boots shown above feature lovely stitching and are made from strong leather—not to mention they're a nice shade of pink!

Sheriff Callie's Pink Bandana

Sheriff Callie always has her pink bandana tied neatly around her neck. You never know when there is going to be a sand storm, and a bandana is always good for wiping sweat of your brow on those really hot days.

New Pink Cowboy Cowgirl Costume 19" Bandana Head Scarf
New Pink Cowboy Cowgirl Costume 19" Bandana Head Scarf

This pink cowgirl bandana would still be fitting for the cowgirl look you're going for. In fact, the pattern seems to add a little attitude which always helps with role-play.


Callie's Sheriff Badge

The badge is the icing on the cake for kids. Sheriff Callie has hers on her left side of her vest where it's clearly visible. You can make a badge or buy one.

Your child can do the same with this badge (which is made of gold metal), or watch the how-to video below, which shows how to make your own badge our of an aluminum can. This is a project for an adult to do, not a child, but you could probably let her make her own badge out of tin foil if you wanted!

Cowgirl Costume

Although not a true representation of the Sheriff Callie's outfit, the cowgirl costume below would still go a long way to helping your little one get in character. A few adjustments can be made, like adding blue jeans or painting the badge and belt buckle gold.

Sheriff Callie's Costume Accessories

To complete the costume, add a few accessories to really capture Sheriff Callie's style.

Sheriff Callie uses her magic lasso to help her fix things in difficult situations. She is also really good at doing tricks with it. You could make your own lasso with some rope. For the knot, follow the steps in this video tutorial showing how to tie a Lasso.

Sheriff Callie's Magic Lasso in Action!

Don't Forget That Callie is a Calico Cat!

If she really wants to play the part, you might give her some cat ears and a tail and even some whiskers. If you really, really want to play the part, you might use makeup to help in her transformation. See the how-to video below!

Calico Cat Makeup Tutorial

Sparky Stick Horse

Sparky, Sheriff Callie's trusted horse, is a fun and important part of the costume. A hobby/stick horse would make a great accessory for any cowgirl costume.

If you're good with a sewing machine, there is a video below that shows you how to make a hobby horse from scratch.

The Rustic Horse Shoe on Etsy has a range of lovely stick horses in stock and is currently selling made-to-order Sparky stick horses which would be great, not only as an accessory, but as a gift!

Callie's Friend Toby the Cactus Costume Ideas

If your little one is fond of the lovable Toby, or if there's a friend or sibling who wants to join in the dress-up fun, it's possible to put together a Toby costume that they'll love. A simple green tracksuit or hoodie with a brown cowboy hat would do the trick.

Deputy Peck Costume Ideas

Deputy Peck is Sheriff Callie's right hand man. If you little one favors him, here are a few things to look for to make a Deputy Peck costume.

  • brown hat
  • blue bandana
  • brown waistcoat
  • black boots
  • deputy sheriff badge

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