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Show Your Love this Valentines with a Home Cooked Meal

Updated on April 16, 2012

Many couples go out for dinner on Valentine's Day. It has become such a routine that most restaurants require you to book often more than a month in advance. Now, if you haven't thought ahead and made a booking, no need to get panicking because there is still a way that you can show your special someone just how much you care and appreciate them.

A homemade romantic dinner is a wonderful way to express your love. It does not matter if you feel you are not a gourmet chef such as Chef Ramsey or Rachel Ray. You can still prepare a simple yet excellent tasting meal to surprise your honey with by following these few quick tips below.

Keeping it Simple Doesn't Mean Bland

This works in several ways. You do not have to be spending a ton of time prepping your food which would mean either getting something done the night before or rushing home from work to give yourself the time.

If you are not the best chef, why try to pretend? Would it not be better to pick out a nice tasty simple meal to try then something that requires words and actions that you have never even heard of before? Honestly, do you have the time to understand and practice how to fold in the eggs while making a specialized cake when you can just read straight forward directions?

You will also have a better chance of successfully completing a nice meal instead of burning or undercooking something you have never tried but thought it looked like a nice romantic choice.

Also, the less time it takes to cook, and the fewer dishes it takes to wash, the more time you have to spend snuggled up with your sweetie or just chatting while enjoying a bottle of wine.

Opting for Favorite Foods Most often is a Winner

By now you should know what favorite foods your honey enjoys. If you are trying to impress someone new, you need to find a creative way to get him (or her) to mention what those favorite foods are without sounding too obvious. You also need to find out if there are any known allergies; the last thing you need is to be freaking out and taking a trip to the emergency on what is supposed to be a beautiful night to remember.

Try to find something that you will both enjoy. If your sweetie loves steak but you can't even stand to smell it let alone put it in your mouth, perhaps you could compromise on the next favorite dish such as a shrimp salad or fillet mignon.

Think Ahead and Get All Your Ingredients in Ample Time

You know how it is around the holidays. Everyone is rushing around trying to grab those last minute items before there is nothing left on the shelf. If you are going to need a bunch of ingredients, you want to make sure you have the best of what you need all ready to go in plenty of time. Double check your inventory. If something requires baking soda or Cajun pepper and you think you have some left only to find out half way through preparing that you ran out, this is something that can put a crimp in your timeline not to mention put a damper on your mood. Preparation and proper planning are the keys to a smooth running night.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If this is not a surprise dinner than you can ask your sweetheart if he would care to help you cook the meal. This is a great way to spend time together chatting about what is important in your lives, recalling past holidays or the first Valentine's you ever had. Quality time spent together prepping and cooking will help you strengthen your bond and help you create more lasting memories to treasure.

If you are planning a surprise for your honey, and you have children, you can enlist their help. Children can be great for making salads, peeling potatoes, mashing vegetables, mixing cake batter and more depending on the age of your child. Sure the children may object to having to "work" for the benefit of someone else as they are sometimes prone to do but you could make a deal with them so they can have some of the goodies, or they can watch a special show they were after, or if they are older, you could even offer them some cash.

Create A Memory

The important thing when deciding to make a homemade meal for Valentine's is, it is supposed to be the thought that counts. There is nothing better than showing someone how much they mean to you than by giving a little of yourself to them by preparing a meal they will enjoy and a night they will cherish for years to come. So, don't start worrying about everything being perfect or what happens if something messes up. Concentrate on keeping things simple, doing your best, and enjoying the time you get to share with your loved one


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