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Shrek and Fiona Costume Ideas

Updated on July 30, 2015

Shrek and Fiona Costumes

Shrek and Fiona have captured the imagination of people around the world, as their love story unfolded before our eyes, and the tale of the two green people continues on to reveal their lives in the ever after.

This all makes great subject matter for costumes, and in the case of Fiona, you can decide to dress up as her in either of the two images portrayed in the story.

You coulddress up as the Fiona as she appeared in human form, or you could dress up like Fiona as surprisingly revealed to Shrek later on in the original story.

Of course this means that Shrek and Fiona are a great option for couples. And even here you can decide on whether or not you want to have Fiona as human or ogre.

Shrek and Fiona Costume Ideas

Shrek and Fiona costumes are great for the most obvious time of the year: Halloween.

But because of the love story surrounding the couple, a surprising number of people have chosen to be married dressed up as them. Now how great of a memory and photo opportunity is that.

Dressing up as Shrek and Fiona would also be fantastic as cosplay and for other costume events. They are always a hit and attract a lot of chuckles. You just can't help smiling at an ogre with a couple of odd shaped ears sticking out of his head.

While costuming as Shrek and Fiona works for everyone, if you've put on a few pounds, they work especially well for those going as a couple with Fiona as an ogre. And if you're more slender as a woman, you could choose to go as Fiona before she was revealed in the form of an ogre. Either way works great.

And if you want to dress up as a family or group with a Shrek theme, you could always add the Gingerbread man or Puss N Boots to the mix.

Shrek and Fiona Costumes

What's cool about Fiona as an Ogre costume choice for women is there are a lot of options concerning how she dressed, as she was seen in a number of outfits throughout the film series. So as long as you get the ears right and are colored green, you can get away with most clothing options. I would try to find an image of Fiona dressed as an ogre and try to get close to it, but as you see below, she works out just fine as she is.

For Shrek, other than the ears and green color, the vest is the most identifiable feature of the green giant, and so that is a must to create a costume look that mirrors him. I like the use of the little Donkey prop to enhance the look of the couple.

Man in Shrek Costume

Here is a great example of a simple but effective Shrek costume. Like most guys, wardrobe isn't that complicated, and Shrek definitely fits that bill, which is confirmed by the costume of Shrek below.

I always like the way the vest looked on Shrek, and it's cool to see it here as that half-vest look that goes only partially down his body.

The green color choice was also a good one, covering the skin nicely.


Couple Married in Shrek Costumes

Here are a couple of nice looking Shrek and Fiona costumes, and an example of one couple that chose to get married as the ogre duo.

What's especially delightful about this story is the actual name of the couple is the Greens. No kidding.

As for the costumes, they're really a good pair, and every part of them fit very closely with the actual look of the characters. Talk about a moment that won't be forgotten.


Shrek and Fiona Video Tutorials

Next are several video tutorials on how to design a Shrek or Fiona face. The first one involves a professional makeup job for the actor playing Shrek in the musical bearing the same name

After that are a couple of different looks for Fiona. Whether for Shrek or Fiona, those would be the most obvious two to use as guidelines as far as applying the green makeup goes.

Just be sure to grab yourselves some ogre ears for the look.

Brian d'Arcy James Shows How He Created Shrek

Fiona "Shrek" Look

Halloween Series: Princess Fiona (Shrek)

Shrek with Fiona as Human Costumes

Now we have a look at a couple that chose to go with Fiona in a costume with her human look.

The way the vest was made by tying it together looks good, as does the essential red wig with braids accompanying Fiona, whether she's in ogre or human form. They're a cute set of costumes.


Making Your Own Shrek and Fiona Costumes

For the more creative and crafty people, you could design Shrek and Fiona costumes on your own that look fantastic.

Making a Shrek Costume

As you can see in the Shrek costumes shown here, you need a need a light colored, long-sleeved shirt for the foundational top. Since Shrek in the films usually had what I would call an off-white colored shirt, you could go with white or tan as an option for color and have it still work.

For pants, Shrek wore a dark, olive-green pair, so green or brown would work well for accuracy. If you are bold enough to wear them tight it would be even more funny. But either way would work.

And to finish off the clothing part you need to have that brown vest that is so much a part of the persona of Shrek. Just be sure to wear one that is too small for you or cut one down to size so it is smaller. Add a brown belt and you're ready to go. Just look at how Shrek wears this stuff to see how to put it all together.

Wear a pair of brown boots to get the full Shrek effect.

Making a Princess Fiona Costume

When wanting to look like Princess Fiona as a human, what you need there is a Renaissance dress with a lighter green or purple color. Fiona appears in both in the film. A rounded neckline is important there. You can also use that same dress if making a costume for Fiona as an Ogre.

Add to that the red wig with ponytails with braids and you'll look very close to the real Fiona. Complete the look with a pair of green flat shoes and a crown to wear as a princess. That's all there is to if for handmade Fiona and Shrek costumes.

Below is a photo of a good example of how Fiona looks as a human in a costume.

Making Ogre Ears for Shrek and Fiona

If you want to make ogre ears instead of buying them, here is how you can do that.

First take some green construction pair and cut out the ears and shape them into the form you see on Shrek or Fiona. Then take the ears and attach them to a green headband. You should also get a bald cap and wear it as part of the look in the case of Shrek.

The last thing to do is apply the green makeup and you're ready to reveal yourselves as the ogre couple.


Shrek and Fiona Costumes

Shrek and Fiona are a terrific choice for costumes; especially when going out as a couple. You can buy a costume if you're not too crafty, or make one yourself.

Because they have a distinct but simple look, it's not too hard to make a set of costumes, and it's a lot of fun when doing it together.

Whichever route you choose to go, you can never go wrong going in as Shrek and Fiona to a Halloween or other costume party, as the theme never seems to grow old, and who can help but be delighted by the wonderful couple.


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