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Old Rock Day

Updated on August 8, 2013

Squid Quest - Silly Celebrations During the Month of January - Old Rock Day

Celebrations and holidays are something that people around the globe have in common. Some holidays and celebrations are shared globally, some are shared by countries, some are only particular to certain areas or regions, but they exist around the world.

Holidays and celebrations are fun ways for people to get together and celebrate something that they have in common. Some of these days are meant to be taken seriously, others may seem downright silly to some people, but they all were selected for a reason -- someone felt that a day of recognition should be set aside for a particular person, occurrence, place, or thing.

For this lens, which is a tribute of sort to a celebratory day of the month, I decided to help celebrate a "silly celebration" in January, Old Rock Day. Old Rock Day is on January 7th and is a day of recognition and appreciation of old rocks.

So get out your old rocks and fossils, clean them off, and let them help us celebrate Old Rock Day. Happy Old Rock Day!

Silly or Unusual Celebrations

It is surprising how many celebrations happen each month. In the United States, nearly each day of each month falls a day to recognize and remember something such as National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day or Balloon Ascension Day, both which fall in January. These celebrations may seem kind of silly to some, but are obviously important enough that someone felt they deserve a day of recognition each year.

In going through the different celebratory days of the month of January, a few stood out to me such as Thesaurus Day, I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore Day, National Tempura Day, to name a few, but the one of the celebrations that grabbed my attention the most was Old Rock Day.

Old Rock Day is on January 7th and it isn't a day to celebrate classic rock and roll, but rather a day to recognize and/or celebrate our love and appreciation for old rocks and fossils, an important part of Earth's history.

So get out your rocks and fossils and join the fun! Have fun celebrating Old Rock Day on January 7th!

Origin of Old Rock Day

For the life of me, I could not find the origin of Old Rock Day. It is mentioned a lot, but no one seems to know where or when it began.

I even visited the local library and I couldn't find anything more than what I could locate on-line about the origin of Old Rock Day. When I went to the information counter, the person responded with a laugh "Aren't all rocks old?".

Well, yes, all rocks are old, which is even more of a reason to give them a day of their own, Old Rock Day on January 7th.

Activities for Old Rock Day

  • Collect some flat smooth rocks and paint anything you want on them from cats to flowers to whatever suits your mood!

  • Gather up some rocks that have smooth surfaces suitable for adhering some little eyeballs and make pet rocks!

  • Go on a nature hike and collect rocks that catch your eye..

  • Get out your rock and fossil collection and give them a good cleaning.

  • Make yourself a pet rock.

  • Make cupcakes that look like rocks.

  • Buy or make some rock candy and eat it!

  • Listen to your favorite "rock-n-roll"! LOL

  • Buy that rock tumbler you've always wanted.

  • Hand-polish your favorite rock or get out that dusty rock tumbler.

Have Fun Celebrating

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this lens. If you decide to celebrate Old Rock Day, or maybe you already do, be careful out there! Those rocks get crazy on their special day. Remember, give them the space they need and everything will probably be just fine. Ha-ha

I hope your Old Rock Day is full of fun and rocks and that you enjoyed this lens. If you didn't already have an interest in rocks, I hope this sparked your interest. I am an avid rock collector and thoroughly enjoy bringing home my finds, cleaning them off and looking at them. Then I put them in categories to be tumbled, polished, or put in my yard.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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