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Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Updated on November 7, 2013

Add some shimmer to your tree!

Silver and gold Christmas trees are elegant and luxurious. You don't need to spend a fortune to pull off this opulent look either! When it comes to silver and gold Christmas trees and decorations, a little goes a long way. Both colors are reflective and with clear Christmas lights the brilliance will be magnified.

Learn how to use silver and gold to decorate a Christmas tree without breaking your budget! (Photo Source: Eperales on

The Perfect Mix: Silver and Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

silver and gold christmas tree decorations
silver and gold christmas tree decorations

This beautiful, simple and elegant Christmas tree decorating idea is from The tree features silver and gold Christmas ball ornaments with stars and doves in the mix. Notice how the silver and gold ornaments have different textures; some are glittery, others reflect light and some are matte.

Silver Decorated Christmas Tree

Silver Decorated Christmas Tree
Silver Decorated Christmas Tree

Silver Christmas Decorations on a Budget

Get a shimmery look without using tinsel. Buy silver spray paint, one with lots of sparkle! Use the spray paint to give a new look to pine cones, raffia and other natural accessories. Do a seashell theme Christmas tree by spray painting seashells.

Silver Christmas Ornaments

Silver Christmas ornaments really brighten up a tree. Popular silver ornaments include intricate snowflakes, finials, icicles and Christmas balls and bells. Crystal Christmas ornaments work well with silver decorations as the illumination from each plays off one another.

Silver Christmas Tree Topper

Silver Angel Tree Topper

Measures 16" tall!

Gold Decorated Christmas Tree

Gold Decorated Christmas Tree
Gold Decorated Christmas Tree

Gold ornaments add luster and shine to a Christmas tree. If you have children or pets, consider buying gold Christmas ornaments that are shatterproof. Shapes like spheres, snowflakes and stars give a Christmas tree a classic, traditional look. For a Victorian Christmas tree, use musical instruments ornaments, finials, keys or angels.

Buy Gold and Silver Foil Paper Online

Cheap Decorating Idea - Use Gold or Silver Metallic Foil!

This is a great and inexpensive way to make your own gold or silver Christmas tree decorations. The tutorial shows a person using a gold-yellow color piece of paper to make an origami falling star. They are fairly easy to make (if you watch closely) and can be made from metallic origami paper. If you can do it yourself, or recruit others to help make a bunch of them, imagine how far a pack of gold or silver foil paper can go! Consider adding a bunch of these to your gold or silver themed Christmas tree!

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