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Things To Do If You're Single On Valentine's Day

Updated on February 10, 2013

Tips For The Singles On Valentine's Day

Y ou're single and Valentine's Day is coming. Feeling a little depressed and wondering what you will do on the 14th, Well that day doesn't have to be the worst day of the year for you even if you have no partner to share it with. Here are a few tips on how to spend Valentine's Day without a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Do NOT avoid going outside

Tips For The Singles On Valentine's Day

I bet you might be thinking that staying inside your house all day is the best way to go to pass your lonely Valentine's Day. Well it's not. Not leaving your home will only remind you even more of the fact that you are alone. Yeah you are scare that if you go outside, then the only thing you are going to see is happy couple enjoying themselves all around the city, but that's not true. Truth is that a lot of people are just like you and don't have a valentine and if you are having fun outside, then you probably won't have time to think about all those couple around you while if you stay alone at home the only thing you are left with is your loneliness and you will just keep thinking about the fact that you are alone on this day. So my advice to you, rather than locking yourself inside, go out and breath some fresh air, take a walk do some outdoor activity and enjoy a beautiful day.

Please, no weird dates

Tips For The Singles On Valentine's Day

Lets face it, if you have no valentine and wish to change this situation, then you're probably trying to find yourself a date for this day. The thing is that if you are are in a hurry to get a date for the 14th, then chances are that you will lower your standard a little and take the first person that comes across you. Not because you want it, but more because you really don't want to be alone for Valentine's Day. This really isn't the thing to do, do not lower you're standard to avoid being left with no valentine, you will only end up regretting it afterward. Look for an interesting date, someone that you can see yourself with and not just the first moron that your friend introduced to you (sorry friend). And if you end up alone, then don't worry, better that than having one of the worst date of your life with some weirdo. I mean what's worst, having no date on Valentine's Day or having a really bad one, you choose (oh and there is still the possibility that you find yourself a good date, which is the best case scenario).

The 3 M (Movie, Music, Move)

Tips For The Singles On Valentine's Day

Ok, maybe you are the kind of person that doesn't really like going outside and dislike it even more on Valentine's Day, but this is no reason to sleep all day. Why not go back to you're other love, the love for what I call the 3 M, music, movies, and moving. What a better way to pass through the day than listening to some of your favorite music. Or if music is not really your thing, well why don't you watch a movie or two.

Both of those options will be far than enough to free your mind for a couple of hours and makes you have a good time. But try avoiding love music or love songs please, you don't want to be reminded that you are alone on Valentine's Day do you, well if you don't care about it, then enjoy seeing and hearing about happy couples with the latest blockbuster or radio hit. The third M is moving, not a lot of things are more efficient to empty your head than sport and physical activities.

When you are moving you have very little time to think about anything else and it will help you get back in shape too. With all those things to do the day will pass by in a blink and you will enjoy it too. Who said you needed to be in couple to enjoy Valentine's Day.

A few Ideas For Valentine's Day - Tips For The Singles On Valentine's Day


Tips For The Singles On Valentine's Day

Very few of you will think about them on this day, but yeah you do have friends. Ok, some of them might be in couple and won't have much time to give you, but probably not all of them. I mean just like Stivie Wonder once said, that's what friends are for. So instead of being alone all day why don't you call one of your best friend and hang out. A day with a friend is a well-spent day that's sure. And being with other people you will surely stop thinking about the fact that you're not in couple for this day. If you're the depressed type you can even get with a few of your single friend and whine about the opposite sex with them.

Do what you would usually do

Tips For The Singles On Valentine's Day

Exactly, just do what you usually do. It's my ultimate and most simple advice to you singles out there. Let's face it if you're single on the 14th than you were probably single on the 13th too and the day before that too. So, what were you doing on those days, I doubt you've been depressed for the past weeks doing nothing because you are single. Life goes on and if you think about it a little, February the 14th is just another day of the year. Don't give it any special meaning and just do what you do every other day. Have fun, go to work, go to school, think about your personal project anything that you would usually do on a normal day. It is only when we give it a special meaning that Valentine's Day become special.

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