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6 Ways to Save on Gifts

Updated on January 11, 2013

With the holidays fast approaching you will be wondering how much money you will be spending on gifts this year. Knowing that the holiday gifts can be quite expensive and a hurting your pocket book; however, there is six easy ways to save money on gifts this holiday season.

Plan Now for the Holidays

Tip one it is never too early to start buying gifts. Many individuals will buy gifts for Christmas throughout the year, so they do not feel the like they spent a lot. However, in reality they more than likely spent the same amount, but they didn’t have to pay for it all once.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying your presents early is your budget. Always go to the store with a budget and do not go over it. It will save you money that you do not have. That also goes for credit; do not put things on your credit card that you cannot afford because you will be paying for those items in the New Year. Who wants that? It is best to try and stay out of debt and have a non-stressful holiday season.

Buy Gifts Online

Purchasing gifts through Groupon and LivingSocial can help you stay within your budget and even save you some money. If you do not know what these sites are; they are sites that have deals that you cannot beat! They also usually will let you buy multiple of their deals, especially around the holidays.

Shop Locally

Small businesses have great gifts for the holiday season. You may not know it, but if you just take a trip to some of your local small businesses you will find custom, one-of-a-kind items that you cannot purchase from Wal-Mart.

Also be on the lookout for art festivals, flea markets and other unique events that may be happening in your area. You will not only have a fun time looking at all the neat little trinkets, but you will also be keeping your hard earned money in your community. It is a win-win for both parties, plus you will be able to see the different talent that is possessed in your area.

Share Your Time

Do you work a lot? Are you rarely around because of your other priorities? Well, making coupons for either date night or a day with you can work perfectly for the ones you love, Especially small children because they will think it’s cool to be able to pick a day to hang out with their loved ones. Not to mention, it is virtually inexpensive and will allow you to have a relaxing day too.

Make a Gesture

Another cheap inexpensive way to get gifts for your neighbors could be baking cookies or other yummy treats. Everyone loves homemade baked goodies, especially during the holiday season because everyone forgets about their diets until New Years.

If baking is not your thing then maybe making a video, calendar, or even a scrapbook will suit you better. Your loved ones will enjoy this precious gift for years to come. It will allow you to explore your creative side while preserving your family memories.

Help the Unemployed

This way is a different way than most people are use too. If you have things that needs to be done around the house and you know your friend or neighbor is in look for some kind of work to get presents either for Christmas or just needing to pay bills why don’t you consider asking if they would like to help you with your small projects? It is a great way to do a good deed and feel good about yourself throughout the holidays.

If you do not have any projects needing to be done, you may consider donating gifts to either a foundation or some close friends that lost their jobs. This is another great inexpensive way to help out someone else who is less fortunate and help ease off some of their stress.


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