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★ Homemade Skeleton Costume Pattern | Halloween Fancy Dress For Men, Women & Kids ★

Updated on January 31, 2015

DIY or Buy the Best Skeleton Costume For Halloween

The skeleton is a classic fancy dress idea at Halloween, along with witches, vampires, mummies, ghosts, zombies, devils and other spooky ghouls! Skeletons, however, are a very good choice for any last-minute costume DIYs as you only need two colors - black and white - and it's pretty simple to create an effective costume.

On this page I have listed the best costumes available to buy, along with awesome accessories like skeletal shoes and arm warmers, plus some excellent craft tutorials for painting, gluing or sewing your own fancy dress outfits. There are also recommendations for products which will help you achieve the best homemade costume, and online video lessons for face painting like a pro.

I hope you find the following information useful :)

Dressed Up For The Monster Ball

I love the detail of this Lady Gaga inspired make-up, and the jacket and bow-tie really make this skeleton super cool!
I love the detail of this Lady Gaga inspired make-up, and the jacket and bow-tie really make this skeleton super cool! | Source

Top-Rated Men's All-In-One

Spooky Skeleton Costume For Kids

Skelebones Child Medium
Skelebones Child Medium

This classic costume is bound to be a hit at Halloween, and you don't even need to add anything else to it because it's all included; the mask, jumpsuit, gloves and bone-patterned shoe covers all make up an entire outfit.

The mask/hood has a scary skull design on the front, and a black mesh covers the eye-holes.

The costume is a quality product and it fits well. This particular suit is a medium children's fit (size 8-10, height 49"-54") and is lightweight and comfy enough for kids to wear all day and night.


Cute Toddler Costume

It looks like she has scared herself! Aw.
It looks like she has scared herself! Aw. | Source

DIY Skeleton Costume Tutorials

Here is a selection of step-by-step instructions for making your own skeleton costume, involving a few different method ideas including sewing, bleaching and painting:

White Contact Paper, Fabric, Glue & Paint Options

The base for any handmade skeleton costume is plain black; including a long sleeve t-shirt, a pair of trousers, gloves, socks and shoes. Cotton clothes are best if you're going to paint them, and also try not to go for clothes with too much stretch because this may make the fabric paint crack.

White contact paper can be stuck onto your black outfit or even your shoes to create the bones pattern, or white fabric paint can be used to paint the skeleton onto the black clothes - either freehand or using homemade stencils.

I personally think that gluing or sewing fabric bones onto a black outfit would 'pop' more than fabric paint, simply because you can get a solid white color which is hard to create with white paint on top of a black background. I think the best material to use for the skeleton bones would be white (wool or acrylic) felt due to the fact that it is easy to cut and sew, and doesn't fray at the edges.

Glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and embellishments can also be used to great effect within your costume to make them stand-out in the dark (which would look awesome at a disco party!)

Freezer Paper For Stencils

Reynolds Kitchens Freezer Paper (75 Square Foot Roll)
Reynolds Kitchens Freezer Paper (75 Square Foot Roll)

Freezer paper is a plastic coated paper which is usually used to wrap up food to put in the freezer, however the craft world has a different use for it; making stencils!

You simply draw the outline of the skeleton bones onto the non-waxy side of the paper, cut it out and iron the paper onto where you would like to paint. Then simply dab white fabric paint onto the material through your freezer paper stencil and voila!

Freezer paper is inexpensive, lasts a long time and doesn't leave any residue on your clothing once it's removed. You can check out some excellent tutorials for freezer paper stencils here and here.


Skeleton Costume Video How-Tos - Plus Skeleton Shoe DIYs

Zombie Skeleton Kid's Costume

Scary Skeleton Zombie Kids Costume
Scary Skeleton Zombie Kids Costume

This creepy costume is one step up from the regular skeleton costume; this is a ZOMBIE skeleton!

Tattered and ripped gauze accents the outfit, and there is great layering and details all over. There are even bones sticking through the fabric for an extra gruesome look!

The mask, gloves, shirt and pants are all included, and the costume is good quality and durable. This particular costume is children's size medium (8-10), but there are also sizes small and large available.

Certainly an outfit to impress (and scare) the other kids at the party!


Skeleton Masks & Accessories

Once you have the main body of the suit, you need to complete the look with either face paints or a mask, plus gloves, sock and the coolest shoes I've ever seen!

Face Paint Close-Up


Halloween Face Painting Kits

If you're planning on getting artistic this Halloween, face paint is an absolute must to really complete the look. You can choose as simple or as complicated a design as you like, and if you really try with it you may just scare some kiddies too!

The skeleton is about the cheapest make-up to do you'll be pleased to know - because the only colors you need are black and white!

Skeleton Face Painting Lessons

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      Tricia Deed 3 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      I thought all the skeleton ideas were great.

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