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Skeleton Watch for Tween Girls

Updated on March 15, 2013

Intrigue and Interest: Skeleton Watch for Tween Girls

There are lots of watch styles to consider if you are trying to find something for your middle school daughter. A skeleton watch for tween girls is a really unique choice. The cool tween watch design is unique in that it provides a view of the internal mechanisms of the watch. Some skeleton watches show a lot of that area, while others only provide a small glimpse through a limited window. Some are more elegant while others are crafted in fun and funky colors and materials that are perfectly suited to the tween personality. Your pre-teen will appreciate the style, and you will appreciated that you've found something cool and unusual. You won't see many of these in big box retail stores, but online exploration will allow you to see many amazing varieties.

Breda Women's Skeleton Watch with Rose Gold Accents

Crystal Accents Skeleton Watches for Tween Girls

Skeleton watches for girls and women are available with various types of accents. They can be simple or glitzy, and there are various colors. Tweens enjoy glitz, at least many seem to find glityz things to be fun. Your own tween daughter will determine your choices. This is a great example of a moderately priced see through watch.

Elegant Skeleton Watches for Tween Girls

This design by Breda is also a moderately priced see through watch, created in pretty rose gold, an exceptional material that is great for a tween girl.

Breda Women's 5168-TTSilvRose "Addison" Mechanical See-Through Metal Band Watch
Breda Women's 5168-TTSilvRose "Addison" Mechanical See-Through Metal Band Watch

Rose gold is a feminine alloy, and similar effects have been achieved in some silver and copper alloys: Rose Silver in this case. The combinatiion of rose hints against silver is perfect, especially as the watches internal components are revealed.


Colorful Skeleton Watch for Tween Girls

This orange see through watch is a great example of an inexpensive skeleton design that is crafted in the bright colors that appeal to tweens. My experience is that tween girls will never cease to amaze in their choosing of funky colors and strange designs in fashion...the trendier the better. Rubber strap watches are extremely trendy, and if you add the unusual watch design of a see through model, you've found the essence of tween.

Breda Women's 1450_Orange "Addison" Mechanical See-Through Rubber Strap Watch
Breda Women's 1450_Orange "Addison" Mechanical See-Through Rubber Strap Watch

This watchband is perfect for the tween who loves bright colors. My experience with tweens has been filled with surprise as they picked out bold colors, unusual styles and fun designs in clothing, shoes and accessories. This is a great choice in colorful accessorization.


Find More Skeleton Watches for Tween Girls

There are always great resources for tracking down more options. Amazon and eBay are a couple of my favorites because if you see one option that catches your eye, there's a good chance there will be a few more that are even more appealing!

See Through Skeleton Watches for Tween Girls

This is such a fun concept for the tween and teen age range. The watches just look interesting and different, but in a good way that will attract appreciation. These designs are fun and colorful in most cases, and they are great choices for tween or teen friends, daughters, nieces and granddaughters as Christmas or birthday presents. They can also make great prizes, favors or white elephant gifts!

Swatch White Lacquered Ladies Watch SUOW100
Swatch White Lacquered Ladies Watch SUOW100

This design from Swatch is fun because of the colorful internal components. Trust Swatch to continue with sophisticated but fun designs. I was in high school when the brand first hit the scene in a big way, and it's still going strong.

Swatch Yellow Lacquered- Suoj100
Swatch Yellow Lacquered- Suoj100

For the tween with a preference for bright colors, this Swatch version in yellow sports the colorful innards as well.


Do You Own a Skeleton Watch?

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    • Lynda Makara profile image

      Lynda Makara 

      6 years ago from California

      These are some cute watches!


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