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Skeleton Watches for Tween Boys

Updated on April 4, 2013

Cool Skeleton Watches for Tween Boys

Tween boys can be tough to figure out in gift giving, but there are some interesting choices in gifts that can surprise and tap into certain interests. If you are wondering about a cool watch for a tween boy, the skeleton watch concept is an interesting possibility. If you have a son that loves to take stuff apart, then being able to see the insides of a watch in action is definitely cool. Skeleton watches for tween boys are those that show the insides in part or in full, while keeping time and functioning like typical watches.

Kenneth Cole New York Men's KC1631 Skeleton Dial Automatic Analog Leather Strap Watch

Inexpensive Skeleton Timepieces for Tween Boys

Akribos XXIV Men's AK410SS 'Saturnos' Skeleton Automatic Leather Strap Watch
Akribos XXIV Men's AK410SS 'Saturnos' Skeleton Automatic Leather Strap Watch

Skeleton watches are really neat, but they can run the gamut in price. Depending on the age of your tween son, you may want to be cautious in what you spend on a watch. I have some kiddos that have taken things apart due to their interest and intrigue...I wouldn't invest a super lot of money on a watch that will invite their exploration unless you have the confidence that either they will leave it intact or that they will be able to put it back together.


Skeleton Watches and Inquisitive Tweens

My boys are a little rascally...don't put it past a tween boy to take apart a watch that is so tempting...the view of the innards of the watch is definitely intriguing and inviting, don't you think? Advise your youngster that it's not meant to be taken apart at this stage of his young life.

Trendy Open View Watches for Tween Boys

Most Skeleton watches are marketed as men's designs, but there is such intrigue in the different models in terms of allowing one to see how the mechanisms look, that they are really great for older boys.

Rectangular Skeleton Watches for Tween Boys

Rectangular watches can be really interesting to a tween, as well, especially when crafted in the unusual skeleton design.

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