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Skippyjon Jones: Costume Crazee

Updated on October 29, 2013
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My Review

Skippyjon Jones is going costume crazy. Halloween is coming soon and he simply can't decide what to wear. As the charming story progresses the active young cat tries on many costumes, only to make a surprising choice at the end.

Readers of all ages will enjoy the art and lyrical writing. Young readers will enjoy the stickers they can use to decorate the book, themselves, or anywhere there imagination takes them. Skippyjon and his friends even manage to fit some Spanish words in for them so they can grow up culturally diverse.

Don't worry parents, the pictures will teach you the words as you read along. How do you think I learned? By reading, si!

Yes, that's my own scan. Enjoy!

Skippyjon Jones: Costume Crazee

This book is six kinds of cute. Any fan of cats, Skippyjon, or just fun books in general would love to read it. There are plenty of stickers to play with. Heck, an adult wouldn't mind getting them on a card, the art's that good.

Costume Crazee (Skippyjon Jones)
Costume Crazee (Skippyjon Jones)

Skippyjon is just five kinds of cute. This book would be a perfect way to dress up your own Siamese, without having to hunt your cat down first. Though they all look cute in clothes, I suppose this is a lot more humane.

This also teaches children to embrace creativity and solve their own problems. Skippyjon asks for advice, but in the end he chooses his own costume, which is perfect.


Skip along with Skippyjon on a fun Halloween adventure.

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The best line ever:

Dress yourself as El Bumblebeeto... Think of all the candy you'll get to eat-o!

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