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Skull and Skeleton Decorations

Updated on October 7, 2014

Skeletons, Bones, and Skulls

Looking for some creepy skeletons, bones, and skull decorations? Well, there are no bones about it, you've come to the right place.

Below you will find Halloween skeletons, skulls of all shapes and colors, skeleton costumes and jewelry, Day of the Dead decorations, and skull molds and cups.

So start using those carpals and scroll on down to the marrow of this page. Feast your eye sockets on some gruesomely good skeleton and skull decorations.

Skeleton Flamingos

What happens to lawn flamingos when their time is up? They turn into these skeletons. Fill your yard with this pair of spooks. Great for Halloween or an over the hill party.

"Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?" -The Ghost of John

X-Ray Skeleton

Grab this skeleton to greet guests at your Halloween party. He can hold your towels the rest of the year. He's a real stand up guy like that.

This x-ray skeleton is also a great addition for classrooms and laboratories.

X-Ray Skeleton

18 in. x 69 in.

Buy This

X-Ray Insider

The first x-ray ever taken was an accident. Roentgen, a physicist, went to lunch one day and left an activated Crookes tube on a book. The book had a key in it and was sitting on top of photographic film. When he developed the film he saw an image of a key and the rest is history. Talk about everything lining up just right.

Halloween Skeleton Decorations

Need to add some creep factor to your Halloween? Skeletons are the way to go. In fact, they are the way we all go eventually. Bone up on your decorations with these skeleton props.

"With the hip bone connected

to the back bone,

and the back bone connected

to the neck bone,

and the neck bone connected

to the head bone,

Oh mercy how they scare!"

-Dem Bones


Don't want a gory looking skeleton? Why not go with an anatomical model then. You still get the creep factor of skeletons and body parts without the bloody bones graveyard feel.

This will make people think of dissections and specimen jars, which can be a nightmare for some.

Bone Up on Bones

Children have more bones than adults do. Infants have about 270 bones. As children grow, some of the bones fuse together. By adulthood, people have about 206 bones. And not every has the same number of bones as adults.

The largest bone in the body is the femur or thigh bone. The smallest bone in the body is the stapes or stirrup bone found in the middle ear.

Bones are made of protein, minerals, and vitamins. The outside layer of bone is called the periosteum, which is a thin, dense membrane with nerves and blood vessels. The next layer is made of compact bone that is hard and smooth. Then there are many spongy layers of cancellous bone that protects the innermost layer of marrow.

The main job of bones is to support your body and allow it to move. Bones also store minerals and the marrow inside of bones produces blood cells.

How many bones can you name?

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Skeleton Fashion - Accessories for the Living Who Want to Look Dead

Show off your calcium intake by wearing your bones on the outside. This skeleton gear makes for a great costume or even everyday goth wear.

Dress the part for a more dreadful appearance. What could look more chilling than bones and black?

Skeletons and Halloween

Why do we decorate with skeletons at Halloween?

Halloween originated with the Gaelic festival Samhain and other festivals dedicated to the dead. The name "Halloween" came from "All-Hallows-Even" meaning the evening before All Hallows Day or All Saints Day, which is celebrated November 1. All-Hallows-Even became a night to celebrate deceased family members and ancestors. Imagery about death and the supernatural became linked with Halloween. Skeletons, graveyards, bones, ghosts, skulls, and coffins became symbols of Halloween.


Basic skulls are a Halloween classic. Grab a few and line them on your mantle. Make one a table center piece. Carry one around and practice your Hamlet. Get cranially creative.

"When I found the skull in the woods, the first thing I did was call the police. But then I got curious about it. I picked it up, and started wondering who this person was, and why he had deer horns." - Jack Handy

Non-Human Remains

Everybody has human bones lying around. But who has dragon bones? This dragon skull will help improve your slayer reputation.

Creature Bones

The largest animal bone is the jawbone of the blue whale. The bone is an average of 7 1/2 feet long and can weigh about 1300 pounds.

When ancient people discovered large bones, they thought they belonged to dragons or to giants. It wasn't until the late 1600s and early 1700s that people put together the skeletons and realized that the bones belonged to dinosaurs.

Snakes have the most bones of any animal. They have about 200-400 vertebrae.

"It had an egg-shaped head that was over sized for its body, slanted eyes, two holes where its nose should have been, and a small slit where its mouth should have been. I think it was alive." -PFC Elias Benjamin (Roswell Eyewitness)

Non-Terrestrial Remains

This unearthly visitors will get your guests speculating about conspiracies and cover ups. It is definitely not the typical Halloween skull.

ET Poll

Have aliens visited Earth?

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"I don't mind if my skull ends up on a shelf as long as it's got my name on it."

- Debbie Harry

Crystal Skulls

Legends of crystal skulls haunt the pages of history books. Bring home your own bit of the legend. These decorative skulls can be kept out all year. Great for shelf d├ęcor or a spare head in case you lose yours.

The Bones of the Matter

Gnaw on some bones with this cookie pan. Make some tasty boney goodies for your guests.

Pass the Salt, Please

Being troubled by a ghost or a demon? Legend has it that salt will keep it at bay. Sprinkle salt around you in a circle to ward off evil things. You can also carry salt in your pocket as a talisman.

If you know where the body of the ghost that is haunting you is buried, you can salt the bones and then burn them. Old traditions say that this will destroy the ghost. You can also shoot rock salt at a ghost or demon to disperse it temporarily.

"Locked in each human skull is a little world all its own."

- Robert Tusker

Skull Nutrients

These skulls will add life to your Halloween party. Have a skull cake or drink from a skull.

"I let you keep the femur, but now, now I want my skull. Or perhaps, I might just take yours."

- Dr. Klopek from The 'burbs

Skeleton Key

skull [skuhl] noun

1. the bony framework of the head, enclosing the brain and supporting the face; the skeleton of the head.

2. the head as the center of knowledge and understanding; mind: to get literature's great ideas through our skulls.

Synonyms: cranium, head, mind, scalp, skullcap, vertex

skeleton [skel-i-tn] noun

1. Anatomy, Zoology . the bones of a human or an animal considered as a whole, together forming the framework of the body.

2. any of various structures forming a rigid framework in an invertebrate.

3. an emaciated person or animal.

Synonyms: bones, bony structure, cage, design, draft, frame, framework, osteology, outline, scaffolding, sketch, support

Antonyms: carcass

bones [bohn] noun

1. Anatomy, Zoology .a. one of the structures composing the skeleton of a vertebrate.

b. the hard connective tissue forming the substance of the skeleton of most vertebrates, composed of a collagen-rich organic matrix impregnated with calcium, phosphate, and other minerals.

Synonyms: bony process, cadaver, carcass, carrion, cartilage,clay, corpus delicti, dead body, deceased, dust, ossein, osseous matter, relic, remains, stiff

"There is nothing in the world more stubborn than a corpse: you can hit it, you can knock it to pieces, but you cannot convince it."

- Alexander Herzen

Fright Night Poll

What is scarier?

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Robot Skulls

Get the combined creep factor of robots and skulls.

"If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance."

- George Bernard Shaw

Hey, Do You Like Zombies?

Of course you do. Check this out.

Skull Bling

Put your heads together and you'll be able to figure out that this skull jewelry is a must have.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos in Spanish) is a Mexican holiday. It focuses on remembering and praying for deceased loved ones. It's celebrated between October 31 through 2 as part of All Saint's Day (Nov 1) and All Soul's Day (Nov 2). Some of the traditions of the holiday include leaving sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods of the deceased at their graves.

Day of the Dead Decorations

Celebrate the Mexican tradition with these Day of the Dead items like sugar skulls and skeletons.

How to Make Sugar Skulls

Learn how to make and decorate sugar skulls for Day of the Dead celebrations. A detailed, step by step instruction guide.

"There is something about a closet that makes a skeleton terribly restless."

- Wilson Mizner

Make Your Own Bones

Don't want to pay money for a skeleton? Save turkey bones or larger chicken bones. Clean the bones as best you can then soak them in bleach for a couple of days. Then you can use them as Halloween props.

Put them in a jar or place them around the house. Definitely more macabre than foam fake bones.

"The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones" - William Shakespeare

Have any bones to pick? - Tell us about them here.

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    • MadScience profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Bacon 

      6 years ago from Mad Laboratories

      @Leanne Chesser: No problem. Thanks for the blessing! That's awesome! Happy Halloween!

    • profile image

      Leanne Chesser 

      6 years ago

      This is a wonderful lens! Thanks for featuring my skeleton crafts lens here. Blessed by an angel :).


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