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Skylanders Birthday Party

Updated on September 8, 2014

Skylanders Birthday Supplies and Ideas

When it comes to planning a Skylanders birthday party, creativity is a must. The video game may be popular with kids but you might have a hard time finding all the Skylanders birthday supplies you want. However, no need to worry your at the right place to find plenty of ideas, supplies and inspiration to throw an amazing party your child will never forget.The game is all about battling with different characters, traveling through unique fantasy worlds and trying to save your world by stopping an evil villain called Kaos. To create a really memorable party, the best thing to do would be to try to recreate the gameplay and include certain themes and elements in the game for the guests and your child to enjoy.Featured on this page are all kinds of ideas from how to make an eruptor cake, setting up your party table, invitation templates, decoration inspiration. You can also expect to find a few licensed supplies featured here perfect for filling party bags.Photo Credit:

Personalized Skylanders Swap force invitations
Personalized Skylanders Swap force invitations

Skylanders Party Invitations

Get the word out to the rest of the Portal Masters in style

The first part of a party is the invitations. Incorporating the invitations into the storyline of the game will not only thrill your child, but make you seem like the cool mom. The story behind the Skylanders Giants game is that the Giants are called up from Earth to help fight enemies in Skylands. So let your guests be the giants and call them to help fight enemies in order for your child to have the best birthday ever. If you want the invitations to really stand out you can make them look like aged parchment.For the parchment effect with your Skylanders invitations the process is very simple. Just get some white paper and a tea bag. Steep the tea for a few minutes and then drag or dab the tea bag over the paper. Once the paper is dry you can write on the paper or add additional elements, like tearing or burning the edges. The wording is entirely up to you but you want to make it exciting and fun for the kids. "Battle Rages in Skylands and Your Help is Needed! Help Defeat Our Enemies to Ensure that _______ has the best birthday ever!"For something special however, ebay and etsy have some awesome designs for different types of personalized skylanders themed invites.

Free Printable Skylanders Invitations

Printable Skylanders ticket invitations
Printable Skylanders ticket invitations

Life in a Larger story has some free Skylanders invitation templates that you can use for the theme too.

Skylanders Party Decorations

Now for the decorations, this can be tricky; after all unless you plan on tossing rocks and sand around, your home won't look like the video game. There are some elements of the Skylanders world that you can bring to your home without making any huge messes or renovations. Some of the Skylanders scenes are island themed. This means that you can either make your own or buy some palm tree decorations. Brown and green construction paper can easily be shaped into your own palm trees to tape to the walls.As added decorations, you could use Plucking daises idea of standing Chompy decorations made from easter egg holders and paper mache. By following her steps you can make these little green critters and place them around the room to bring more elements of the game into your party and they can be used for your party games too.Another easy and inexpensive way to decorate is to blow up different colored balloons and to draw the elements on them with a black felt pen as seen here. For a more color coordinated party then you can utilise balloons slightly differently by using just yellow, blue and orange balloons and streamers in the same colors. These can be picked up cheap from the dollar store or walmart. Have them as the primary colors of the theme and splash them around the room. The streamers can be interwoven to make chains to hang up and balloons bunched together to make bouquets that can be placed next to your party table.

Skylanders Party Balloons - Skylanders Licensed Mylar Balloons

Skylanders Party Balloon Mylar Size 35 inches
Skylanders Party Balloon Mylar Size 35 inches
perfect as the center balloon in your balloon bouquet. This extra large, self sealing foil Skylanders balloon is a neccesary part of any skylanders themed party.

Skylanders Wall Decals

RoomMates RMK2285SCS Skylanders Peel and Stick Wall Decals
RoomMates RMK2285SCS Skylanders Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Add color to the walls of your room by sticking Skylanders character wall decals around the room..Brings the characters to life and is easy to adjust.

Skylanders Party Plates,Napkins, Cups and Table Décor - Party Packs

Skylanders party packs
Skylanders party packs

Official Skylanders Party packs are finally available! Great news for people who like to make one order and know that they've got pretty much everything sorted minus the cake and the food. Depending on how many visitors your expecting Birthday Express has varying party packs which include licensed Skylanders party plates, napkins, cups, tablecloth, favors, decorations and more. If you have a tight budget just order important items like the themed plates and cups individually and use solid colored supplies and some of the DIY ideas offered here for everything else.

Skylanders Party Food

Party Food and Candy Buffet Ideas

Once you have decided on decorations and invitations it's time for the part of the party that everyone else cares about...the food. It's going to be the part the adults care about and once the kids are done beating up the piata, it will be what they care about too (at least until presents are opened). Therefore themed food is a must and fun as well. Perhaps the easiest thing to do is try and incorporate food in, to match the different characters. Take some ideas from Nicole Coleson's impressive Skylanders Candy buffet and have different candies to represent all the characters. If you'd pefer to mix it up a little so it is not all sweets just add more of a variety of foods.For example Trigger Happy shoots out gold coins, which means you have a few options. You can use chocolate coins for the obvious choice or go with a bit more of stretch and use golden Oreos. For Chop Chop bones you could go with Nicole's idea to use white chocolate dipped pretzels and marshmallows. But if you want an alternative to sweets, there is a great recipe for making breadsticks that look like bones. You can use Pillsbury refrigerated breadsticks and simply knot each end of the breadstick to create a bone look.For Sonic Boom's clouds there is a great idea to make popcorn balls. These can be sweet or savory depending on the recipe you use so there is plenty of versatility there. Double Trouble's Orbs can be made from simple frosted sugar cookies which are always a hit at parties. To do something that is a bit more than just snack foods, a plate of chicken or Buffalo wings can be perfect monster food.Here are some more ideas:*Use the Nintendo wii candy molds to make chocloate Wii remotes - skylanders being a videogame that is compatible with the Wii console means that guests will identify with these tasty treats instantly.

Skylanders Portal by Squiggle
Skylanders Portal by Squiggle

Skylanders Cake Ideas

For the cake the Sky's the limit. If your child has a favorite character you can design a cake that focuses on their powers or their favorite battle scene. Then you can use the actual Skylanders figures that work with the game as a cake topper - be sure to use any figures they already have and if you decide to buy new ones ensure they are characters they do not own so that it will serve as a birthday gift too.Summer of Funner has also kindly put up her recipe for making a Skylanders portal of power cake which is made fondant free and includes free printable element circles and banner cake topper.While decorating and making invitations are tasks for amateurs, attempting to make an original cake should only be attempted by people who are not afraid to be seen on can find some cake toppers and decorations online if you really want to have your cake stand out. It will thrill any child, plus it makes your life much easier.If your stuck for ideas on how you want the cake to look - CoinOptv has a great vid giving you the rundown of the best skylanders themed cakes from across the web. You could use these as inspiration for making your cake or take them into a professional cake decorator to have it done for you.

How to make a Skylanders Eruptor Cake

Skylanders Cake Toppers

Bakery Crafts - Skylanders Cake Kit, Incl. Spryo the Dragon & Jet Vac, 3 Ct
Bakery Crafts - Skylanders Cake Kit, Incl. Spryo the Dragon & Jet Vac, 3 Ct
Featuring Jet Vac and Spyro, this skylanders cake topper set also includes a portal or power topper. It creates a scene that everyone skylanders fan will be chuffed to see atop their birthday cake.

Free Printable Skylanders Cupcake Toppers

Printable Skylanders Cupcake Topper Templates
Printable Skylanders Cupcake Topper Templates

What if you're planning on making cupcakes I hear you ask well, here are some free Skylanders cupcake topper templates courtesy of Life in a larger story. Print and cut them out, attach lolly or craft sticks to the back and pop into cupcakes..(I always like to make them doublesided so the craft sticks are not exposed, it just looks a little better)

Skylanders Cupcake Toppers

Skylanders Rings (12)
Skylanders Rings (12)
As an easier alternative to making your own these Skylanders cupcake rings might be more what your looking for. In that case give your cupcakes a blue frosting and pop these into them. After guests have devoured their tasty cupcakes they can wear these as rings.

Skylanders Edible Cake Topper

Using edible cake images for decorations will save you lots of time... They are so easy to apply and have so many designs you really can't lose with these. Find an image that you love, images can be found in places like ebay. They can also be customized with messages, photos and designs you want (just get in touch with the sellers) and can also be used for cupcakes too. Here are a few Skylanders edible cake images I really liked.

Prefilled Skylanders Favor Boxes

Prefilled Skylanders Favor Boxes
Prefilled Skylanders Favor Boxes

Party favors are a must in every party, but sometimes finding the right favors to accommadate a theme can be a little hard as you have to decide what favors will best suit the party theme that guest will enjoy. So it can be time consuming. The licensed Prefilled Skylanders favor boxes does the work for you and come as fun favor boxes with themed favors guests will love. These Skylanders favor boxes come with a lightening effect favor box, pop rocks candy,Skylanders stickers, glow stick, wizard putty and a Splat rock.

DIY Skylanders Party Favor Ideas

For making Skylanders favor bags try using white paper lunch bags you can pick up from the dollar store. Find a picture of all the skylanders, print off and stick it onto paper bags.If you want to have an easy workload and do something that doesn't involve sending the kids home with sugary snacks, there are Skylanders stickers, tattoo sets, buttons and other fun items that would make good Skylanders party favors you can purchase for their party bags.Make your own favors by buying small cheap bottles of bubbles that they sell at party stores and going to your local office supply store and picking up a set of blank mailing labels. You can then design your own personalized Skylanders labels to wrap around the bubbles. It is a bit like one of the attacks of the characters and all kids love bubbles! Square labels would work well for decorating your own lollipops by putting the stickers over the plastic covering of the lollipop (this works best if you get the flat lollipops with the square wrappers).If that sounds like too much work Life in a larger story comes in to offer an easier alternative with Free Skylanders water bottle labels which can be used for more than just water bottles. Premade Personalized favor labels are also available as an alternative.

Skylanders Party Favors - Fun Skylanders Inspired Favors perfect for filling up party bags

Natural Hair Growth Oil, Ginger Hair Growth Essential Oil, Anti Hair Loss Essence, Healthy Strong Thick Hair, Treats Baldness Weak Brittle Thinning Hair
Natural Hair Growth Oil, Ginger Hair Growth Essential Oil, Anti Hair Loss Essence, Healthy Strong Thick Hair, Treats Baldness Weak Brittle Thinning Hair
An awesome favor for portal masters to take home with them as it's uses will extend far beyond the party. With a colorful Skylanders design on the lanyards these can be used to carry keys and other items.
Skylanders Temporary Tattoos - 144 per Pack
Skylanders Temporary Tattoos - 144 per Pack
As with the stickers you can't go wrong with temporary tattoos. They are lots of fun for kids... Aside from playing the game and chowing down on the birthday cake what could be more awesome than tattooing yourself with your favorite character and showing it off to your friends.

Skylanders Party Games and Activities

Fun games to keep them thoroughly entertained

For fun party games plucking daisies and Amys party ideas have some really fun skylanders themed games and activities you can include or gather ideas from, here are some of the ideas they came up with for the parties they planned:*Skylanders Scavenger huntHide things around your home or outside in the yard for kids to find.. You could leave written clues to help them find the items. You could also make the items related to Skylanders.*Sharks out of waterHave them use straws to suck paper sharks and carry it without letting it fall over the finish line.*Bomber Troll bomb tossSince Bomber likes to throw bombs you could make this into a throwing game. By allowing kids to throw balls into a bucket and whoever gets the most balls in the bucket wins. If you want to make it more fun you could use plucking diasies tutorial to make bombs out of ball and chain toys, foil and twine.*Slam Bam's Ice prism smashPut some craft butterflies in a a tub and freeze to have an ice block with butterflies in it. The kids can now chip away at the ice block to release the butterflies using a craft hammer. Make sure they wear goggles and the other kids in a good distance away while one is chipping away at the block.*Skylanders Coloring PagesAs a fun activity, print of some free Skylanders coloring pages and have the kids color them in.

Party Note

Remember creativity is what is going to make your party one of a kind. If your kid is a real Skylanders fan let them help you out with learning about the characters and the environments so that you can come up with your own ideas too!

I love hearing from you... So please feel free to leave a note to let me know you stopped by*Tell me who's party your planning and how old they're going to be.*Declare your love for Skylanders!*Say what's missing on this page that you would like us to add.*Share a couple of Ideas from Your very own Skylanders birthday party.or*Just Say Hi!: )

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