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The Smurfs Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 14, 2014

About the Smurfs

Les Schtroumpfs, as they were called in French, began as the creation of the Belgium artist Peyo in 1958. The first appearance of the smurfs was in Johan and Peewit, a Franco-Belgian comic series set in Middle Age Europe. The smurfs proved so popular they gained their own comic in 1959.

These blue-skinned creatures live in a magical forest, in a village composing of mushroom-shaped homes. They traditional wear white pants and shoes, along with a white Phrygian cap. Led by Papa Smurf, who wears a red cap and pants, they are said to be 100 years old. Exceptions include Papa, Baby, Smurfette, Nanny and Grandpa.

Each smurf has a name that describes their abilities or talents. Brainy, who's smart; Grouchy, who's grumpy, Jokey, who plays jokes on the other smurfs; Dreamy, Clumsy, Chef, Hefty, Greedy, Vanity, Handy, Painter, Farmer... the list goes on to include just over 100 Smurfs. The Smurfs tend to replace nouns and verbs in everyday speech with "smurf", making their conversations barely understandable.

The only problem for the Smurfs is Gargamel, a sorcerer and the sworn enemy of the Smurfs. He lives in a run-down hovel with his cat, Azrael, spending his days plotting how to capture the Smurfs and use them in various schemes.

Papa Smurf

Leader of the Smurfs

The wise and gentle paternal figure of which the Smurfs, Papa Smurf has taken on the role of leader of the smurfs. Adept at magic, he solves problems and gives counsel to all the smurfs. He is also a sort of diplomat, representing the smurfs to outsiders and humans.

He is distinctive from all other smurfs due to his red pants and hat, as well as his white beard.

Papa Smurf is voiced by actor Jonathan Winters in the 2011 & 2013 films.


Female Smurf

Created from clay by Gargamel, Smurfette's purpose was to create jealousy among the all-male Smurf population. She originally had black hair but when Papa Smurf took pity on her, created a potion to make her a real smurf, and helped her become good. Her hair turned to blonde to reflect this change.

Contrary to popular belief, there is another female smurf. Sassette, who was created using Gargamel's original spell, was evil like Smurfette was at first until Papa Smurf used the same potion on Sassette and made her a real smuf. Sassette is a little freckled redhead girl with pigtails, and pink overalls.

Smurfette is voiced by singer Katy Perry in the 2011 & 2013 films.


"I hate smurfs!"

A bungling old wizard who lives with his cat, Azrael, Gargamel is the sworn-enemy of the smurfs. He wishes to destroy all smurfs and use them in a potion to turn matter into gold. Cooking up hare-brained schemes to catch them, his plans inevitably fail. But he never gives up!

Gargamel wears a black robe that is worn and patched, and red shoes. He's balding and had rotten, stained teeth. His cat, Azrael, is orange and white.

Gargamel is being played by Hank Azaria in the 2011 & 2013 films.

You Tell Us!

Are you excited for the Smurf Movie?

  • 86% Yes! I can't wait to get smurf'd!
  • 14% No, they should have just stuck with the classic cartoon!
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Have a Smurfy Day!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      great costume lens

    • JoyfulReviewer profile image

      JoyfulReviewer 5 years ago

      Thanks for the fun costume lens!

    • HalloweenEnthus profile image

      HalloweenEnthus 5 years ago

      Smurf wee one of my childhood favorite cartoons.

      Nice lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      One of my favorite Cartoon Characters. Getting dressed up as a Smurf is a cool idea for Halloween 2011.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      i love the smurfs and me and my lil bros wnt to dress up as them my mom is goin to b smurfette my dad papa smurf my lil bro brainy my lilest bro hefty me clumbsy this is a maybe but were is tht clumbsy smurf costume

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Great job! I love the Smurfs!