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Snowman Christmas Stocking

Updated on August 14, 2015

Christmas Stockings with Snowman

The snowman has been a part of Christmas seemingly as much as he's been a part of winter, and children and adults alike continue to be delighted by this plump, jolly character who invades our thoughts and imaginations during the winter and Christmas holiday season.

With that in mind, it's no wonder the snowman has become a big part of the themes and images included with Christmas decorations and Christmas stockings. There are many creative types of snowman Christmas stockings designs, and they embrace everything from traditional Christmas to sports themes with a snowman in them; including golf and all sorts of professional and college teams.

Many snowman patterns also exist for those of you who enjoy working on and putting together Christmas stockings. You can see some of those below, along with regular snowman-themed stockings you can buy for those not aren't real crafty, or too busy to be able to spend the time doing it.

Either way, snowman Christmas stockings are very fun and enjoyable, and add to the overall mood and celebration of the Christmas holidays.

Bucilla Felt Snowman Stocking

As with all Christmas stockings, they can be made of a number of different fabrics, and this felt one below shows what you can do with them. I love the three-dimensional look Bucilla stockings offer, and this one is fantastic. Those trees behind the snowman, along with the snowman, almost make you feel like you're walking in the woods, seeing the scene unfold before your very eyes.

Snowman Christmas Stocking

Felt Snowman Christmas Stocking

This felt snowman Christmas stocking looks completely different than the one above; the reason it was included in this group of photos. Even with the colors of blue and white being a major part of both stockings, they still manage to present a different image. The one thing that always stays the same though is the smiling, jolly snowman; the reason they remain so popular as a Christmas theme.

Snowman Felt Stocking

Needlepoint Snowman Christmas Stocking

Needlepoint is among my favorites when it comes to Christmas stockings, and I think it's because of how detailed the needlepoint is able to make the images created with it. While all the Christmas snowman stockings are great in this article, the detail of the needlepoint below is hard to beat.

Concerning all the snowman designs in every type of Christmas stocking in this article, did you notice all of them have that great, wide smile on their faces?

Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Golf Snowman Christmas Stocking

It was mentioned above about sports being a big part of the snowman Christmas stocking, and as you can see from this golfing snowman, it really works great. That candy cane as the hole marker is great.

Many snowman sports Christmas stockings also include a huge number of teams you can look around for if you have a sports fan in your family.

Golf Stocking

Plush Snowman Stocking

This plush snowman stocking is really nice. My favorite part is probably the broom being held underneath his arm. That green scarf also looks fantastic. Very traditional colors and simple snowman, and it really works for me.

Snowman Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings with Snowmen on Them

Snowmen on a Christmas stocking offer so many variations and options, that you can find one for just about anyone out there. So whether you're the creative type or just want to buy a cool Christmas stocking, you'll always make the right decision when choosing a snowman as part of the Christmas stocking design theme.


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    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Actually purchased a Santa stocking this year for my son.