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Snowman Tree Skirts

Updated on August 2, 2014

Snowman Tree Skirt

Snowmen have always been a major part of the Christmas holiday, and Frosty, more than any other snowman, assuredly has made that the reason for being the case. So it's no surprise that many people enjoy using a snowman theme when putting tree skirt around their Christmas tree.

Using a tree skirt at Christmas has a long tradition, and that tradition continues on in a myriad of ways. With the snowman theme, normally it includes a scene on the tree skirt with one, and in most instances, many snowmen.

They also add a bit of joy and delight when they are dressed up in clothes to look like people, when everyone knows a snowman doesn't mind the cold.

Anyway, here's a group of snowman Christmas tree skirt photos to put you in the mood for Christmas and maybe give you some ideas for a tree skirt if you don't have one or if you want a new one to display during the Christmas holiday season.

Popular Snowman Tree Skirt

The first snowman tree skirt design is probably one of the more popular ones, at least in the overall look, which can be designed in many different colors, while the tree skirt pattern and design remain the same. Still, even though it's ubiquitous, it would look great under any tree.

Flannel Snowman Tree Skirt

This is a very unique snowman tree skirt, and it really stands out in a somewhat country sort of way, specifically that flannel edge, where if you like that, is a fantastic tree skirt to have.

The three-dimensional snowmen are also terrific, as is the way it is tied together with ribbon. I really like this one.

3-D Flannel Snowman Tree Skirt

Snowman Tree Skirt with Blue Background and Snow Falling

Here is another different looking snowman tree skirt which would fit in nicely with the right décor. The four snowmen at the corners looks fantastic, as well as the blue background with what looks like snow falling.

My favorite is probably those little hats the snowmen are wearing. It's a very cute and desirable snowman Christmas tree skirt!

Snowman Tree Skirt with Four Snowmen and Blue Background

Colorful Snowman Tree Skirt

You've got to look a little closer with this photo, as the tree skirt is very full and somewhat loud, but it does have a certain look that captures the imagination and would have a place in certain situations.

That lamp or candle holder being used as a tree for the skirt and the decorations is funny. The quilt look of the piece is also very compelling.

Quilt Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt

Three Dimensional Snowman Tree Skirt

Although the color of the background of this snowman tree skirt doesn't particularly appeal to me, the snowmen in the 3-D scene are tremendous, and really well done. It's of course similar to one of those above, but in a different color and appears to be a little larger; although that could be the scale of the photo and nothing else. Either way, it's a very nice snowman tree skirt.

Snowman Christmas Tree Skirt with Green Background

Choosing a Christmas Tree Skirt Design

All Christmas tree skirts are made differently, and the design you choose will probably depend upon the positioning of the tree and the number of presents under them. If your tree is more centered in the room where you can see all the way around it, you might like the types of designs that fill the entire tree skirt. On the other hand if it's like the snowman tree skirt above, where the image is on one side of the tree skirt and can be readily seen and displayed in the front, open area of the tree, you can easily place it in a corner of the room without losing the visual appeal of the snowman Christmas tree skirt.

However you decide to do it and with what particular type of tree skirt, a snowman theme on your Christmas tree skirt is a wonderful way to create an atmosphere around the Christmas tree which will delight everyone.


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    • Blackspaniel1 profile image


      3 years ago

      You have a very nice selection here.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hi i was wondering if u could buy these..if not where did u find them?


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