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Snuggle Up With Snoozies Slippers

Updated on August 23, 2017
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Nightcat is a Jane of all trades and likes to pass on tips she’s found useful around the home.

Toasty Warm

There is nothing like the winter holidays. Cooking, shopping, wrapping presents, it is all a wonderful whirl of activity lights and music. So why not pamper yourself or a loved one with the most comfortable slippers she'll ever wear? Snoozies! come in a a wide range of style for women and kids and fit almost any budget.

Plus they are just the thing for relaxing in front of the fireplace after a long day of holiday preparations. Or she can easily wear these toasty warm slippers out to the porch for the mail or take a pair to work for all day comfort.

I should know since I've had my own pair for about a year and wouldn't part with them for anything. Intro photo courtesy of Amazon.

What I love about these slippers

I live in an extremely cold winter area and I've put my slipper boots (those are them at about a year old to the right) through a lot of abuse. I've worn them outdoors, even in the snow which was not what they are designed for but they've held up extremely well.

They are great for indoor wear as the fit is good and snug thanks to the ties that hold the boot firmly to your leg, so I don't worry about falling on my steep stairs. They are also a Godsend since I have arthritis in my feet and the steady warmth the lining provides keeps the pain away all winter long.

I've also worn them on my exercise bike, again, not what slipper boots were designed for and they are fine. I intend to replace mine soon but six months to a year tends to be the average amount of wear I get from even the most expensive slippers so I was thrilled with these.

Snoozies! The cold feet slipper

A better look at them after one year

Keep in mind I did things with my Snoozies! they were not made for, so no wearing them in the snow! But they are wonderful for indoor or indoor/outdoor use depending on the style you buy. They've held up extremely well since I've had slippers twice the price fall apart after just normal house wear.

I wear these when cooking, cleaning, relaxing by the fireplace, working in my office, and out to get the mail, so again I am very thrilled with getting so much value from these slippers.

Love these slippers? Do tell!

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    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 4 years ago

      @sunnydaze004: I know she will love them, sunnydaze004! Thanks for visiting! :)

    • sunnydaze004 profile image

      sunnydaze004 4 years ago

      Love the ballet bling. Might have to check those out for my daughter.

    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 4 years ago

      @anonymous: You would adore them, Uma! They are so toasty I wear them to bed at times. Thanks for visiting, hugs! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Very tempting they make me want the cold just to snuggle in them.