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Soccer Birthday Party Ideas for kids

Updated on January 15, 2015

Your Kid Plays Soccer and wants a Soccer themed party?

Well here are some ideas to make planning the party a little easier.

Included are game ideas, cake ideas, and neat goodie bag gifts.

Have fun planning your party. Indoors or out, it will be a fun day!

Party Games & Ideas

Attend a Soccer game Many teams from professional to college have birthday party packages. Just search for your local team. (tip type the team name and birthday parties)

Go to a Sports Complex Many indoor sports complexes offer sporting birthday parties, including those for soccer.

At Home Games

Soccer skills obstacle course From as little as $2.05 each, you can buy a Large Plastic 4" Soft Soccer Ball. These can double as party favors for the kids to take home later. Here are some ideas for stations in your obstacle course. You can do this inside or out. Have kids go one at a time and keep track of how long it takes them to finish.

---------------------Station 1: Kick ball at target. Three tries to hit target. (target can be anything form a goalie

net to a cardboard cut out.)

--------------------Station 2: Dribble the ball (controlled kicking with feet) while going (weaving) around cones to the next station.

--------------------Station 3: While standing in one place kick the ball in the air at least three times (or maybe five if the kids have good ball control already) without letting it fall to the ground or you start over with station 3. Only have to do this twice if it falls.

--------------------Station 4: Have an adult toss a ball (only if it's soft) and have the kid use a head or foot pass back to the adult. The kid needs to hit the ball before it lands on the ground. Try up to three times before advancing to last station. If they hit it the first time, they move on.

-------------------Station 5: Have an adult roll a ball, the kid runs to meet the pass and kicks it at a target. The target can have numbers on it. If they hit one, they get that many points taken off their total score. They run to the finish.

Winner is the person with the least time (after subtracting any target point from Station 5)

You can even hand out medals


Use the sticks to whack the pinata.

Or put a twist to the pinata activity. Make a lighter paper mache creation. Set it up and let the kids throw small soccer balls at it (one at a time) until it breaks.

Soccer Toss

Instead of guests tossing water balloons or eggs back and forth with their hands, have them use soccer balls (either small toy ones or bigger ones). You could even have them kick it in the air to the other person who must catch it before kicking it back. The pairs that catch it take one step back to make the throwing/kicking distance further. Those that miss are out. Play continues until only one pair of tossers are left.

Soccer Party Favors and Decoration ideas

Water bottles make great gifts. As a craft kids can decorate them with stickers.

Find decorations or plates and cups with soccer or sports themes some place suggested below

decorate clothing Buy socks or t-shirts and let the kids decorate them in soccer themes


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    • cinstress profile image

      cinstress 4 years ago

      @Winston1 LM: And it makes sense to call it football... you are playing with your feet. American Football should be called tackle ball or something, LOL. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by

    • Winston1 LM profile image

      Winston1 LM 4 years ago

      I really like your lens. I think this would be a great Idea for a party. I'm from the UK so we say football, sorry i had to say that :-)))

    • Iftikhar-Hussain profile image

      Iftikhar-Hussain 4 years ago

      good lens :)