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Sock Monkeys for Christmas!

Updated on September 13, 2014

Have a Merry Sock Monkey Christmas!

Sock Monkeys are just so loveable and cute that everybody loves them. Sock Monkeys have found a way to bridge the generations. Grandpa is delighted with his Sock Monkey slipper socks, and baby cuddles his Sock Monkey soft toy. Young and old both find them funny and adorable. While older people remember with nostalgia and fondness their sock monkey friends from a simpler day when toys were made from scraps and, well, socks, today's kids love them just for who they are, despite the fact that they are far too young to remember their history.

Enjoy shopping this variety of Sock Monkeys for just the right one for anyone on your gift list. Give a Sock Monkey a home today!

Sock Monkey Ornaments

Sock Monkey Ornaments

From the traditional red and brown sock monkey to today's hip colorful sock monkeys, there's a sock monkey ornament to represent everyone for your Christmas tree.

For the Littlest Sock Monkey - Sock Monkey Baby Hat

Is there a new little monkey in the family? A sock monkey hat is irresistable.

Sock Monkey Umbrella

How cute is this! I can see little Kindergartener Sock Monkeys lined up in the rain.

The Original Plain Sock Monkey - Back to Basics Sock Monkey

The crazy guy who started it all, the original Sock Monkey.

A Whole Sock Monkey Family - Mom, Pop, Sister, Brother Sock Monkey Family

Officially the Sock Monkey Family is called: Mr. Coconut, Cupcake, Daisy Mae and Joey.

Purple Polka Dot Sock Monkey - Modern Colorful Collectible Sock Monkey

Just one of many colorful choices. Teens love collecting these newest versions of an old favorite.

Tiny Striped Sock Monkey Dolls - Brightly Colored Strips

Small and inexpensive sock monkeys to add to a fun collection.

Sock Monkeys on eBay Today - Collect a unique sock monkey

See what's available in sock monkeys today on ebay. Each day will have a slightly different offering.

Photos used with permission are credited in individual modules. Every other photo on this lens resides in original form in my personal collection.

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