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Sofia the First Costume

Updated on January 12, 2016

Sofia the First Costume Dress Up

For every girl who ever wanted to be a Princess comes the story of an ordinary eight year old girl who became a Princess: Sofia the First. Girls love the sweet Sophia and will enjoy dressing the part of the bright eyed Princess Sofia from Disney Juniors latest animated series.

Disney has finally come out with their own Sophia the First Costume. Now it even easier to get the Princess Sophia costume look

Photo: Sofia the First Costume - 2/3T available on

Become Sofia the First

Purple Dress
thrift store, closet
Brown locks
natural hair, wig, colored hair spray
print out or make yourself
purple shoes
thrift store, good will

Costume Review

Purple Dress Makes the Princess

Disney has produced an official Sofia the First costume featuring Princess Sophia's signature purple gown. Now parents of youngsters do not have to scramble to make their own Sofia the First costume for their little princess.

The Sofia the First costume dress features a heart cameo of Sofia the First. The dress has a scalloped hem, tulle overlay, and glitter accents. The puffed sleeves and delicate ruffle trim gives the dress a sweet royal look. A cream underskirt is accented with a purple band.

The dress is made out of polyester and is part of the Sofia the First Costume Collection for Girls. The Sofia the First has a stretch panel at back so your child can be comfortable when dressing up as her favorite princess.

I love the detailing on this dress as well as the lavender color. Sofia's dress is adorable and fit for a Princess. The A line shape allows for a full voluminous look.

Does the Dress Fit?

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Accessories for Your Princess Costume

Sofia the First wears a magical amulet that grants her the power to communicate with animals. The amulet is a huge part of Princess Sofia's story and because of this any Sofia the First costume will need a purple amulet.

The Disney Sofia the First Amulet Necklace is part of the Disney Sofia the First Costume Collection for Girls.

The Sofia the First amulet features a button to light up pendent. The pendent is accented with rhinestones and is glitter filled. The chain features a faux pearl design and is made of stretchable material.

A more cost efficient way to get your daughter the Sofia the First amulet and tiara is by making them yourself. provides templates to make your own Sofia the First tiara and amulet out of cardstock and ribbon. You will also need a computer to download the template and a printer to print out the downloaded template. Details of the amulet and tiara reflect that of Princess Sofia's with incredible attention to detail.

Note: The amulet should hang down to about the chest to create an authentic Sofia the First look.


If the Shoe Fits

Disney Princess Cinderella taught us that happily ever after can hinge on your footwear. The latest Disney Princess, the youngest so far, will have to dress to impress from head to toe. Her signature look will have her sporting glittering purple dress shoes.

To complete your Sofia the First costume your little princess will need her own set of sparkly purple shoes. Disney has produced some purple Princess Sofia Shoes with a slight heel with a cameo of the Princess attached. I would have loved to buy these for my niece but it looks like they are targeted towards toddlers as the size of the shoe appears smaller than some of the other Disney Princess dress-up shoes.

These shoes also come with more cards for the talking amulet. This is a bonus if you already own the amulet.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love the amulet it is so pretty! text me back!

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      seosmm 5 years ago

      Very nice and great gift ideas!

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      Avi Wolfson 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great lens, thanks!