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Solar Christmas Lights

Updated on March 18, 2016

How to use solar Christmas lights

Solar Christmas lights can be a great addition to our Christmas light décor, and of course can be placed where you want them without needing to worry about whether there's an electric plug outlet or not, as long as there's enough sun to energize them.

These solar powered Christmas lights are so easy to use that all you have to do is place the panel somewhere in the direct sunlight and just sit back and enjoy them.

With solar Christmas lights there is no need to be worried over whether you remembered to turn the light switch off or on, as the lights will automatically come on when it starts to get dark out.

One thing you do have to consider with solar lights is the limitations as far as location goes. If you have a lot of shaded area they won't receive enough sun to get a satisfactory and successful experience, so if you have a lot of shade, you can use them as fill-ins for those places with a lot of sun, while using electric incandescent or LED lights for the rest of your holiday light needs.

Varieties of Solar Christmas Lights

Below I've included a number of types of solar Christmas lights you can choose from, beginning with string lights that are useful for all occasions. There are also solar light covers, solar net lights, solar candle lights and solar icicle lights to look at to get some ideas from.

Solar Flickering Candle Lights

With technology like it is today, flickering candle lights have become very realistic, and that's the case with solar flickering candle lights as well, which most people using them are extremely happy with how they look and the results they produce.

They show better when looking at them from a little further away.

Flickering Candle Lights

Solar Christmas Light Covers

These are great looking solar light covers you can strategically place in your Christmas yard décor to add an interesting uniform look to your outdoor Christmas decorations. They produce a very interesting and unique look.

Inflatable Solar Christmas Light Covers

Solar Christmas Net Lights

What really works with these solar Christmas net lights is if you have a place in the direct sunlight where they would also be placed. All you do then is put them where you want and let the sun do all the work.

Christmas Net Lights Using Solar Power

Solar Powered Icicle Christmas Lights

If you love icicle lights like I do, then these solar powered icicle Christmas lights will fit in great with your Christmas light display plans. Keep in mind that what you see is what you get here, as there are two types of icicle lights; those that look like icicles as shown here, and the dangling icicle lights on a string, which are a different type than you see in the photo.

Both of them look wonderful, but you do need to know how they differ to manage decoration expectations as to how they'll look where you want to place them.

Christmas Icicle Lights Using Solar Power

Wild Grass Solar Christmas Lights

These wild grass solar Christmas lights are fantastic, although you can indeed use them for a variety of occasions, or just for everyday decorations as well, as many in large cities do who don't have yards.

But as you can see from these fun solar lights, there are a ton of things you could do with these which would look outstanding with other Christmas décor. Really nice looking solar lights.

Value of Solar Christmas lights

Depending on the type of solar Christmas lights you buy, you can get up to several hours of output a night from them, more than enough for the times you want to show them off.

While the initial cost of solar holiday lights will be higher, it can be offset by the free solar light display that comes from the panels. So it's up to you to figure out if it's worth it to you, but is is a way to go if you have enough open sun area to work with.


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      adair_francesca 7 years ago

      I'm thinking about using solar Christmas lights this especially I need to save from my electricity bill.