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Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on September 9, 2015

Sons of Anarchy was a hugely popular FX show last year. The last season was positively explosive, and there's a prequel in the works. It's safe to assume that a Son (or old lady) costume will be an awesome look this year, even outside of Charming.

Whether you are trying to be a specific character or just a part of the Reaper Crew, there are some cool ways to gather up the things you need to embody the style and attitude that the show's characters exude.

And ladies: This club's not just for boys this Halloween.

From simple, thrown-together biker digs to a detailed costume complete with officially licensed apparel, you will find ideas and items you need to pull off a Redwood Original look right here.

How to Dress Like a Son. Do You Have What it Takes, Prospect?


Where to Start: The Right Shoes for Guys

The ladies will agree with me that it's the shoes that make the look, so that's where we will be starting.

  • When hunting for shoes for this costume, look for something that is practical to ride a bike (i.e. not skate board shoes). The Sons take care of business on their bikes and on their feet, in dusty, dirty, and out of the way places. The club was founded by Nam vets so a pair of surplus combat boots maybe in order. The Sons probably aren't the sort of guys that go into a Harley shop and fork out a bunch of cash for boots that have logos. They may have the money but they won't be be spending it that way.
  • With all that in mind, Jax often sports trendy white sneakers.

A trip to your local Goodwill just may turn up the perfect pair of previously loved and already distressed boots or white sneakers. Either way, these types of shoes will get the job done on the cheap.

Do You Know Your Sons of Anarchy Trivia?

  1. What does SAMCRO stand for? Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original
  2. Who becomes president of SAMCRO after Jax steps down? "Chibs" Telford
  3. Who are the "First 9 Members"? John Teller, "Piney" Winston, "The Pimp" Janowitz, Keith McGee, Clay Morrow, Wally Grazer, "Uncle Tom" Whitney, Chico Villenueva, and "Li'l Killer" Moran.

Watch These Sons of Anarchy Tributes for Costume Ideas

Dressing Like Gemma or Tara: The Right Shoes for Women

Ladies, your shoes can be pretty and by all means sexy: The higher the heels the better. Don't rule out the animal prints. From a simple heel to a go-go boot, you have a lot more options for footwear than the guys, depending on what sort of character you're trying to pull off—Gemma, Tara, or just another old lady or hang-around.

The Right Clothes for Sons of Anarchy

Men and women: Think denim, leather and vinyl. Goodwill is the place to go for all of these ideas.

  • Guys: Pants can range from jeans to Dickies. Baggy is better and they should have a worn look. Accent these with a wallet chain. Sons carry guns, and tight pants and clothes will never do in this circumstance, plus they aren't the skinny jeans wearing type to begin with.
  • Women: Your jeans are going to be tight but you could be wearing something made of vinyl or leather (pants or a skirt). SOA women have a look that flirts with cheap but maintains an air of intimidation that keeps anyone from saying so. Belts are key. Look for chains or studded leather, denim, or vinyl.

Top it Off: Sons of Anarchy Costumes

Represent your MC with the right shirt, whether its a tank top, an undershirt that shows your ink (temporary or otherwise), a plain white T-shirt, or a black hoodie. I think this is the place to spend the money and get a shirt that has the SAMCROW logo. It's an inexpensive purchase that will sell your costume, and there are a lot to choose from for men and women.

Avalible at
Avalible at

Tattoo Sleeves

An easy and very cool-looking option, if you don't have tattoos, is a tattoo sleeve. These slip over your arm and make it look like you have spent hours in a tattoo parlor. A watch or bracelet will help hide the seam at the wrist.

Temporary tattoos are also a good choice and can be very effective and cool-looking when applied to the neck.

There's no better way to build a Sons of Anarchy costume than to buy a SOA logo shirt of hoodie. This may be as close as you'll get to leathers with the SOA patch, and combined with jeans and boots, you'll look the part on Halloween or year 'round.

Want to Be Gemma for Halloween?

Look for some lace-up leggings for a sexy Gemma costume. Combine with leather jacket with mesh sleeves and a chain belt, and you're Gemma! Think animal print or red when looking for the right shoes.

This wig looks just like Gemma's hair, so you won't have to change your hairstyle just for one night if you don't want to.

Let Us Know Who You Are!

Where Will You Wear a SAMCRO Costume?

See results

Reaper Crew: Happy Halloween!

I hope you get inspired by this article and pick up some great ideas for a cool SOA costume this Halloween. Your look can be as simple or as detailed as you choose, and with the right touch totally believable.

So have fun and join the Reaper Crew this year!


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