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Spiderman Costumes For Boys

Updated on September 11, 2014

So what I'm going to do is surprise him with this costume. Boy will he be happy :)

This costume has lots of cool features like it's made of 100 percent polyester and it's the official Marvel costume that is licensed by Marvel comics.

It is the full jumpsuit and has really cool foam fabric muscles in the arms and has a fun six pack abs look in the front part of the costume.

It does not come with gloves or boots so you may want to purchase those separately.

The color of the costume is really nice, it is a deep blue and a vibrant red which is great because it's not cheap looking like some other costumes.

The back of the costume comes with a velcro closure which makes it easy to put on and take off!

It also comes with a fabric mask that fits toddlers too. This costume does run small so be aware of that. And also be aware that the eye holes might have to be adjusted when you pull it over your child's face. Some reviewers said that they had a little trouble with that.

This Spiderman costume will be fun for your boy to wear for Halloween or anytime and belive me once he puts it on you may not be able to get him to take it off!

What makes this Spiderman costume really great is that you don't have to just wear it for Halloween. Your boy can wear it year round. Most boys just adore Spiderman or Superheros in general and will put this costume on just to play with friends.

Here are a few fun videos to watch so you can see how much these children love this costume!


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