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Spiritual Magazines: 6 Great Gift Ideas

Updated on February 25, 2013

Great gifts for your Loved Ones: Spirituality in Words

Take a look at the best spiritual magazines out there. Magazines with Spiritual or Buddhist perspectives on life. Get interesting spiritual insights and a magazine every week to enjoy on a quiet afternoon or weekend day. These magazines are the most popular in spiritual communities but cover a range of interests. Whether you are interested in Buddhism or Yoga or Spiritual life there is a magazine that will be perfect for you or as a gift to loved one.

Six Best Spiritual Magazines

Can you see yourself enjoying one of these magazines on a sunday afternoon? Or when you are off early one day? No? Then you might be in dire need of them. Just kidding but don't be too hard on yourself all the time and subscribe to some you time. You know you deserve it.

Light of ConsciousnessCHECK PRICE

Spirituality & HealthCHECK PRICE

Seriously Spiritual

Beautifully designed magazines with full color pages and gorgeous photos. Be inspired and rejuvenated mentally by reading these seriously spiritual magazines. Let Tathaastu help you lead a happier and healthier life. Or soak in the buddhist based wisdom of the Shambhala Sun.


Shambhala SunCHECK PRICE

Buddhist Magazines

The BUddhist review is highly popular with people looking for guidance how to infuse their life with some more Buddhist practices. It has been around since 1991 and strives to make the Buddhist teachings and practices easy accessible.

Buddhadharma is a sister magazine to Shambhala Sun more focussed on the questions behind practices and theory of Buddhism. Just like it's sister it's a gorgeous full color publication that is very accessible and makes taking in the latest philosophies and teachings very easy.

BuddhadharmaCHECK PRICE

Tricycle : the Buddhist RevieCHECK PRICE


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