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Spooky 4 Course Menu for Halloween

Updated on October 12, 2015

The Inspiration

I have to admit I love summer. But I should let go of it and prepare for the next season. And for me the best part of autumn is Halloween, of course. It has been long since the last time I trick-or-treated. However, this doesn't make me less excited about the holiday.

Usually, I plan the celebration during September but this year I decided to start even earlier. Already, there are numerous wonderful lenses here on Squidoo about Halloween decoration, costumes, recipes and tricks. I was inspired!

So, I would like to bring to your attention my Spooky 4 Course Menu for Halloween.

Are you ready to be scared?

Scary Mask
Scary Mask


  • 500 gr ham
  • 300 gr yellow cheese
  • 4 -5 boiled eggs
  • 200 gr mayonnaise
  • 2 -3 pickled cucumbers
  • 2 olives
  • foil
  • carnival mask


  1. Boil the eggs and grate the cheese. Slice half of the ham in thin pieces and dice the other half. Chop the eggs and the pickled cucumbers. Mix them with the diced ham, the yellow cheese and the mayonnaise.
  2. Cover the carnival mask with foil. Arrange the thin slices of ham over it and cover the whole area. Put the salad on top of it and smooth it with a knife. Place the mask in the fridge for couple of hours. After that, carefully tip the mask over a tray. Then remove the mask and the foil. Fix the shape of the salad if needed. Use olives for eyes.
  3. Ta da! Scary, ain't it?
Puff Pastry Mummies
Puff Pastry Mummies

2. Appetizers: Puff Pastry Mummies

  • baby sausages (as much as you want)
  • 1 packet puff pastry sheets
  • peppercorns


  1. Thaw the puff pastry sheets in room temperature and cut them into strips. Roll a strip around a baby sausage and put 2 peppercorns for eyes. Arrange all mummies in a baking tin. Preheat the oven to 220 C (430 F) and bake the mummies until they are nicely tanned :)
  2. You can eat the mummies right away or dip them in your favourite sauce. For more dramatic look you can use ketchup (although mummies don't bleed). But who cares, they are delicious with ketchup!
Baked Human Hand
Baked Human Hand
2.8 stars from 170 ratings of Baked Human Hand

3. Main course: Baked Human Hand

  • 500 gr minced meat
  • 100 gr yellow cheese
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 medium onions
  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • can be served with mashed potatoes


  1. Boil the eggs and then grate them. Chop one of the onions, as well as the carrot and mix them with the minced meat, eggs and spices. Grease a baking tin and put the mixture in it. Shape it like a hand. Put half of the other onion on the end of the hand to look like a bone. The rest of the onion can be used for fingernails.
  2. Bake the hand for 30 minutes at 200 C (400 F). When it's almost done, take it out and cover it with thin slices of yellow cheese. Continue baking until the cheese looks crunchy.
  3. Just wait to see the faces of your family members or guests when you serve them a human hand for dinner (evil laugh).
Sugar Cookies with Bugs
Sugar Cookies with Bugs

4. Dessert: Sugar Cookies with Bugs

  • your favourite cookie dough
  • candy-coated nuts or M&Ms
  • melted chocolate
  • icing


  1. I didn't specify how to prepare the cookie dough because any dough will do. The decoration is what matters.
  2. Cover the cookies with icing for background (preferably white so the bugs can pop out more). Then outline the bodies and legs with melted chocolate. Add colourful M&Ms to complete the bugs.

Which is the Spookiest Meal?

Or which is your favourite one?

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So, these are the spooky meals I have chosen to scary my family with. Along with the proper decoration, I think that we will have a spectacular Halloween this year! Don't make the bugs too realistic because someone might call the pest exterminators :)

Please, share with me how you plan to spend the holiday and what you think about these great meals!

Do You Like These Scary Halloween Meals?

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    • Mary Crowther profile image

      Mary Crowther 4 years ago from Havre de Grace

      That human hand sure is scary! Great ideas!

    • Marja79 profile image

      Marja79 4 years ago

      wow, spooky meals indeed :D I loved them!

    • EmmaBrown1 profile image

      EmmaBrown1 4 years ago

      @Nicoinstitches: I'm glad that you like them :) Why don't you give them a try this Halloween?

    • Nicoinstitches profile image

      Nico 4 years ago from Ottawa, ON

      The mummy's are so cute!

    • EmmaBrown1 profile image

      EmmaBrown1 4 years ago

      @Erin Mellor: OMG, this idea is awesome! Will you mind if I include it in the recipe and quote you for it?

    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 4 years ago from Europe

      I am tempted to bake a hand - would it be weird to cook a few cherry tomatoes inside so they can burst open when it's cut?

    • EmmaBrown1 profile image

      EmmaBrown1 4 years ago

      @amytrumpeter: I think that it really is the scariest meal of the menu!

    • EmmaBrown1 profile image

      EmmaBrown1 4 years ago

      @Dianna206: Great :) Now you can try some of the other spooky recipes :)

    • amytrumpeter profile image

      Amy Trumpeter 4 years ago from Oxford

      No way, that baked hand looks well scary!

    • Dianna206 profile image

      Dianna206 4 years ago

      I've done the mummy hot dogs before. YUMM!

    • EmmaBrown1 profile image

      EmmaBrown1 4 years ago

      @meganst: I think that the puff pastry mummies are the least scary, so maybe you should try preparing them :) Thanks for liking my lens!

    • meganst profile image

      meganst 4 years ago

      It's a bit early for me to plan the Halloween menu but... wow, these are spooky. I'm not sure if I have the bravery to prepare any of the meals. However, I really like your selection ;)