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Halloween Carols - Piano Sheet Music

Updated on July 22, 2014

Kristen Lawrence's Halloween Carols

A love of autumn and interest in the history of Halloween inspired Kristen Lawrence to write and arrange music she calls her Halloween Carols. Kristen would like the world to think of her carols when they think of Halloween music. If Christmas can have carols, so can Halloween.

Kristen is a classically trained organist who plays at weddings, funerals, church services, and other gigs. (She especially loves to play with her local symphony orchestra on their $3.1 million organ with 4322 pipes!) Yes, she loves Halloween. Not the dark / slasher stuff, but the beautiful, creative Halloween. The tunes. The history.

School kids love to sing Kristen's music and teachers use her history-based songs in classrooms and for productions (see YouTube video.) Watch the kids at the end of the video sing as Kristen accompanies them on piano. They love it!

You are invited to party at Kristen Lawrence's website to learn more about the history behind her Halloween Carols. Sign up your email and she will let you know when new music is coming out. She also announces contests.

Artwork by Ann-christine Immerskld

Kids Sing Halloween Carols - The History of Halloween Through Song

One creative teacher (who also loves all things Halloween) gave her class the opportunity to help research and prepare a presentation of the History of Halloween to the other classes in the elementary school. She was given permission by Kristen to use her music to help tell the story. Mrs. H. taught her students the Spanish words of "The Ghost of John" to sing along. The audience was delighted when the "spiders" did cartwheels and hand-walks. But the most fun was when composer Kristen Lawrence accompanied the class afterwards as they sang the song "Arachnitect." The children enjoyed singing the Halloween carol.

A new Halloween tradition was begun, and Mrs. H has improved and expanded the script each year.

5th grade students learn about the history of Halloween by singing Halloween Carols.

Halloween Carols Sheet Music

Kristen Lawrence has arranged some of her songs as piano sheet music so that you can have the fun of singing or playing her music. Teachers will also have a resource to teach the songs to their students.

Most of her Halloween Carols come in two versions - a round (the melody itself is the round) and a four-part carol (the carol offers a different harmonization of this melody in traditional hymn structure). Her Raven music was written to help to have Sing-Alongs and learn Poe's famous poem.

I have listed the carols that have sheet music. I have also included links to iTunes or Amazon if you would like to purchase the CD recording.

'tis the (Halloween) season ... la-la-la-la

Printable Digital Sheet Music

Please CLICK this Digital Sheet Music LINK to take you to a page where you can purchase and print out Kristen's Halloween Carols sheet music.

Ghost of John

See above for the digital sheet music link.

Since Ghost of John was Kristen's first Halloween Carol, it is appropriate that it is first on this list. Many people have responded that they sang this song when they were in elementary school.

The American folk song is a simple tune with one verse. Kristen expanded it with adding four additional verses talking about poor John. Add your own verse(s) to sing.

As with all folk tunes, each community often has their own version. Which version have you heard?

See results

Mostly Ghostly

See above for the digital sheet music link.

A maudlin but mercurial ghost bemoans the lack of physical brains, wailing with a massive pipe organ.

Sleeping Dust - "The Death Lullaby"

See above for the digital sheet music link.

A plaintive lullaby for the dead, or for the living who visit the dead, or for the dead who visit the living.

"If the Halloween Town of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas had a resident keyboardist, it would be Kristen Lawrence."

Keyboard Magazine

Vampire Empire

See above for the digital sheet music link.

A saucy invitation from a vampire to a mortal to become one of the blood-hungry undead. A majestic organ and wicked harpsichord waltz together while two kick drums thump like heartbeats.

Blood Waltz

See above for the digital sheet music link.

Rapturous waltz music for vampires and other Halloween creatures.

Vampire vs Vampire Hunter

Who do you like better?

See results

Cats in the Catacombs

See above for the digital sheet music link.

Her CD is a xylophone-bone-clinking romp with organ and piano where cats lurking around the catacombs get "spooked to poofs of nerves and fur." Featuring a feline-esque cello.

Poll: Favorite Halloween Music

What is your favorite Halloween Carol?

See results

A Broom With A View

See above for the digital sheet music link.

The intriguing Halloween night sky invites a sensory-appreciating witch out for a joy ride on her broom. Organ, piano, and strings set this witch "ablaze" as she takes in the beauty and wonder of October.

The Raven

See above for the digital sheet music link.

Kristen's gift for writing memorably melodic music showcases the undying beauty of Poe's words -- an elegant combination that will win raves from Halloween haunters, horror fans, literature teachers, and Poe lovers of all ages.

A sing-along would be fun and a good way to memorize Poe's words.

The Raven - Amazon

Classically trained organist Kristen Lawrence has tapped on Poe's chamber door, writing a score to "nevermore" in her CD release, Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

A musical setting of all 18 verses of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.


Kristen Lawrence Albums - Available as audio CD as well as digital MP3

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

A musical setting of Poe's famous poem. Also includes versions of American folk tune, Ghost of John.

Vampire Empire - Radio Edits From The Halloween Carols
Vampire Empire - Radio Edits From The Halloween Carols

Shorter versions of songs from Kristen's first two albums.


Halloween Carols Composer

Kristen Lawrence
Kristen Lawrence

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