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Spooky Music for Halloween Fun

Updated on September 24, 2014
Halloween Haunted House Soundtrack featured below
Halloween Haunted House Soundtrack featured below | Source

Scary Sounds for the Best Halloween

Add Spooky Music for Halloween Fun! Crows cawing, the swooping sounds of bats above you on a dark moonlit night, leaves rustling in the winds, old bones clanging together, screeching cats, howling werewolves, thunderstorms and a rickety old gate announce your entrance to the old haunted house.

Creaking footsteps coming up the old warped staircase, chains being dragged and clanging together, squeaking doors opening and closing, the sounds of people being tortured, an old organ automatically starts playing while an old lady - possibly a witch cackles at you.... do you dare proceed?

With the popularity of Zombies, the Apocalypse and Vampires on television and in movies these make great party themes for your Halloween or costume party and you've gotta get the music right.

These are the Spooky sounds of Halloween and probably the most important features (to me at least!) of creating that perfect scary get together for your friends or to scare the you know what out of the kids that show up on your doorstep. Add spooky music for Halloween as part of your awesome creative Halloween decorations and let the screaming begin!

A Night in a Haunted House/a Night in a Graveyard
A Night in a Haunted House/a Night in a Graveyard

If you love hearing the sounds of Halloween, you'll absolutely love this CD! Even people that love the thrillers say this is one of the scariest Halloween CD compilations ever......


A Night in a Haunted House/Night in a Graveyard - Take a tour through a Haunted House and all those terrifying sounds!

A Perfect 5 Star Rating from other fans just like me and you! I like to hide the music playing on the front porch so it's right there when those little trick or treaters come knocking. Or, add it to the entryway just on the other side of the front door and crank up the volume!

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Classic Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Ghost stories and Music to be murdered by
Ghost stories and Music to be murdered by

I loved Alfred Hitchcock growing up and watched every movie he made. This was once available on LP for those of you that remember those relics! Hitchcock has the perfect spooky voice that's just chilling enough.. Now this Classic is available on CD and would be great background sound - storytelling - for your Halloween fun.


Create the perfect Haunted House for your Halloween bash with scary decorations and of course the best sounds of the night.

Every Spooky Party Needs the Sounds of Torture

A torture chamber with sounds of the victims screaming for their lives is part of the spooky fun of Halloween and great for adult parties or any of those scary themes you're creating.

Scary background sounds for a Halloween porch, let your trick or treaters get spooked or start it when the guests least expect it- after all your party guests have arrived.

Set up your Spooky Halloween music hidden on the front entry of your home so all the neighbors will know you've got the spirit - and the candy if they dare!

Werewolf Sounds you'll Love! - These are pretty frightful and are sure to scare your visitors knocking on your door at Halloween.

Spooky Halloweens always include Thunderstorms! - Don't you think that thunderstorms make the creepiest background sounds!!

Thunderstorm (Sounds of Nature)
Thunderstorm (Sounds of Nature)

Play the sounds of Thunderstorms on your porch as trick or treaters enter or inside for your spooky, dark party!


Creaking doors, dragging chains, the cat's meow, background ghosts boo-ing, that old organ playing all by itself, wearwolves howling, thunder and lightening crackling, footsteps getting closer and closer and breaking glass are some of the sounds that help everyone get in the mood of a spooky Halloween!

Soundtracks for your party effects

Hosting a Twilight Halloween Party? Gotta have the music!

Did you know that amazon lets you preview all the songs on the Twilight movie soundtrack? That's such a nice benefit so you can try before you buy.

Have the Happiest Halloween everyone:)

Get in the Mood with these Spooky Sounds...

Find more Halloween Spooky Music here - Unless you're TOO Afraid!!

Thanks for visiting our Spooky Halloween Music article and I hope you've found the right sounds for your perfect party. Check out our other favorite Halloween articles below and make sure to say hello below with any more ideas you have for a great spooky night.

© 2012 Cindy

Are you ready for some Halloween Fun Yet? - Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments!!

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    • GeorgeneMBramlage profile image

      Georgene Moizuk Bramlage 

      6 years ago from southwestern Virginia

      Thank you for this spooky collection! I did not know that there were so many albums of scary theme music "out there."

    • vetochemicals profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      @JoshK47: Hi Josh, the music sure sets the stage for me and I don't think Halloween would be 1/2 as scary without it! Thanks for your visit and special blessings:) xoxo

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nothing like spooky sounds and music to really make your haunted house come to un-life at Halloween! Blessed by a SquidAngel!


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