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Spooky Halloween Books for Children

Updated on September 29, 2014

Children just love scary Halloween stories!

What does a 3 year old think is spooky? Probably everything that has to do with Halloween even if it is not really something scary. I think that children just love to say that word. You know what I mean: "Spo-o-ew-ky!"

There are just so many cute (yet, spooky) Halloween books for kids that I am sure you can find something to delight any child. Spooky does not have to be bone chilling. It just has to be something to tickle the spooky funny bone.

A Spooky Child: photo credit: Badger Waffle via photo pin cc

Do you read scary, spooky stories to your children?

"Be Spooky" credit: Paper Crafts Magazine Free Graphic Download

Feel free to leave a comment after you choose your answer to the poll. I am interested in how you feel about reading or telling children scary Halloween stories.

How do you feel about reading or sharing scary, spooky and creepy stories to your children at Halloween?

See results

Perhaps you want to tell your children a scary story--

or play a spooky Halloween Word Game!

The word spooky means "frightening". What other words can you use? Perhaps "chilling", "creepy", "eerie", "scary" or just plain "weird". It does not really matter because kids just love to have someone tell them a story. Find out how my husband keeps the young ones entertained at Halloween.

Check Out These Spooky Halloween Books:

THE OLD CABOOSE (The "Old" Adventures of Hailey and Jared Series 5)
THE OLD CABOOSE (The "Old" Adventures of Hailey and Jared Series 5)

Parents will enjoy the story as well as the kids. Almost every review mentioned the "good writing" by this author.


Spooky book for a toddler:

Spooky Spooky Spooky!
Spooky Spooky Spooky!

A delightful board book that will last for many Halloweens to come! I wanted to purchase this book, but by the time I decided to, it was sold out!


Spooky, Spooky, Spooky - Toddlers would love this Halloween book.

This is an adorable board book that any child under 4 would get a kick out of reading with their family. In fact, I am going to get one of these for my a grandchild who loves saying "Sp-oo-oo-ewky".

Spooky new twist on a Children's Classic Song - for kids with a frightening sense of humor!

I am under the impression that there are several spooky surprises on this bus--like 10 goofy ghosts. Wonder what ghosts say on the bus? Maybe "Pass on through!"

A recipe for Spooky Kindle Reading! - Wierd story for Ages 5-8

To find a few free Halloween Books, click Free Halloween Kindle Books

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus
The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

Counting from 1 to 10 couldn't be spookier!


Perfectly chilling Halloween reading for the Kindle Fire! - "The Old Caboose" will give your young kids the spooky chills.

One reviewer even used the word "Spooky!" as the title for the review. Another parent said that she was "sucked in" while reading the story. That tells me that parents won't get bored reading this story with the family.

Too Many Witches
Too Many Witches

Excellent reviews for this Haloween book. My oldest grand-daughter ( aged 8 years) has just become interested in cooking, so this book might be right down her spooky alley.


Famous Authors and their kids can write spooky! - Scary reading for children ages 6-9!

13 stories written by authors with their children or grandkids that will thrill you to death. Not really!

Great Writers and Kids Write Spooky Stories (Great Writers & Kids Anthology)
Great Writers and Kids Write Spooky Stories (Great Writers & Kids Anthology)

Adults and children joining together to get spooky just for you. Illustrated by Gahan Wilson. See the original cartoon below that you can have to decorate your home in a spooky Halloween Style!


Just Why Do Kids Like Ghost Stories?

In defense of scaring your kids.

Donna Washington asked her 11 year old son this question and he replied "that he loves the fact that the characters are frightened and they have no idea what is about to happen next." The story is about someone else being in a scary situation--and you are SAFE! Children like to feel safe and secure. It is a relief and a pleasurable feeling to know that you are safe after you hear about something that might be scary.

"It is possible... by carefully working within the confines of scary Halloween stories and ghost stories for children, to leave our audience psychologically stronger and more emotionally capable of dealing with their fears or the shock of real world disasters," says Mr. Eric James Wolf. OK. In my words, parents can teach their kids to stay away from dangerous stuff by telling them about scary stuff. Just think about what you are sharing with your child and use your very best judgment.

Another article I found sort of reiterated the same point. The world can be a scary and dangerous place. If a child is exposed, "in moderation of course, to stories that depict these things - as long as that exposure is put in context by a caring, dependable adult who can talk through what a child is hearing - seems like it may help children to process the real world around them. (Of course that adult should also pay close attention, and not continue reading if a child is visibly disturbed or terrified.)"

More Spooky Stories to read on Halloween! - A list from Parade Magazine

Pippa Middleton in an issue of Parade Magazine recommends reading spooky stories in a dark place using a flashlight for illumination. Not news to me, but a really good idea. That popular Sunday Supplement magazine has a a Halloween page that recommend books by ages for wonderfully scary Halloween tales. That is where I found this list of books.

You can also find spooky, ghostly stories online at and

If you have a favorite Halloween book you would like for me to consider reading to my grandkids, then please leave me a message. If you would just like to let me know you were here, then do that instead. Thanks for your visit!

Do you have a favorite Halloween Spooky Book?

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    • Mickie Gee profile imageAUTHOR

      Mickie Gee 

      5 years ago

      @LoriBeninger: My pleasure to share these wonderful Halloween books with you.

    • LoriBeninger profile image


      5 years ago

      My granddaughters will love the ones for older kids...thank you.

    • profile image

      mouse1996 lm 

      6 years ago

      Great creepy story suggestions.


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