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Spooky Halloween Activities and Ideas

Updated on February 7, 2015

Grave Cupcakes

Night of the Living Dead for Dessert
Night of the Living Dead for Dessert | Source

Need some killer ideas for Halloween? Then this is the place you want to be. Below are links to everything you need to make Halloween spooktacular.

Get great ideas for gross Halloween party food and spooky, bubbling drinks. Make amazing pumpkins and learn all about using dry ice for special effects. Plus mad science galore with cool experiments and creepy laboratories.

So whether you are hosting a Halloween party or just want some ideas for trick or treaters, you'll find some awesome Halloween stuff. Scroll down and make this Halloween a night to remember.

Halloween Party Foods and Drinks

No ordinary food will do on the spookiest night of the year. Make food so delightfully creepy your guests will squeal for more. Setting out the right kind of Halloween food and drinks can make your Halloween party a night to remember.

Here you will find recipes to gross out your guests and serve up some fun. Make your party a hit with spooky and gross party food like snake cake, eyeballs, brains, and more. Complete the party with creepy fogging drinks made with dry ice.

Fun Halloween Food Ideas:

  • Add eyeballs to just about any food to add instant creep appeal.

Oasis Supply 6-Count Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks, Green
Oasis Supply 6-Count Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks, Green

Use these creepy zombie picks to make the cupcakes pictured above.

Accoutrements Gelatin Mold Zombie Brain
Accoutrements Gelatin Mold Zombie Brain

This brain mold is great for making brain shaped spaghetti, jello, or any other disgusting dish you can think of.


Have a Halloween Dinner in the Dark

Nothing is creepier than the dark.  Host a blind dinner to really freak out your guests.  Look below for ideas on how to create a dinner in the dark.

Great Kids' Halloween Party Ideas

This video is full of great ideas for Halloween parties for kids and features a monster parts game that kids will love, simple party food ideas, and treats.

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Spooky Halloween Decorations

Turn your place into a haunted house with these easy and inexpensive props. Invite the neighbors over and then give them a big scare.

Check out this video for creepy specimen jars, dripping blood cloth, and more spooky ideas.

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas




It just isn't Halloween without a pumpkin on the porch. Give your pumpkin some flair. Get creative with your jackolantern with these carving and no carve pumpkin ideas.

Spooky Party Sounds

Here you will find the sounds of Halloween to complete the eerie atmosphere. Below are great kids' Halloween songs and activities to create your own spooky sound effects.

Get the party rocking with monster hits. Crank up the volume till it's loud enough to wake the dead.

Inexpensive Halloween Decorations

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Mad Science Mayhem

Halloween is the official holiday of mad scientists worldwide. Create your own spooky laboratory with these fabulous mad science ideas. It is the perfect time of year to try out some mad science tricks. These simple experiments and ideas look amazing, but are easy enough for kids to do. Put on your lab coat, pull down your safety goggles, and stir up some mad science fun. Don’t forget to practice your maniacal laughter.


Happy Halloween!

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