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Light Up Your House for St. Patrick's Day

Updated on July 6, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Decoration Ideas

Get your Irish up, and lighted, too, for St. Patrick's Day! Put up some lighted St. Patrick's Day decorations, pour out your favorite green beer (or green lemonade!) and proceed to have fun.

Lights help keep the party going on into the night, and show off your Irish spirit to the world.

Buy Shamrock Window Lights

I've picked out some ideas for lighted decorations - indoor and outdoor, mobiles and window displays. Be sure to check out the video of a St. Patrick's Day light show. It features one of my favorite Irish songs.

Remember - everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Light Show

A home-made light show to the lovely traditional Irish tune, "The Blood of Cuchulainn". Notice how the lights expand and reach higher as the music increases in intensity.

Glittery Green Shamrock Lights

50 Green Lights String

Shamrock Light String

Irish Derby Light String

15" Lighted Shamrock

Holographic Lighted Shamrock

Prismatic Scroll Lighted Shamrock

St. Patrick's Day Light-Up Lanterns

St. Patrick's Day Solar Lantern

Green party Light

Green Tinsel Lighted Garland

Luck o' the Irish Neon Pub Sign

St. Patrick's Day Gifts and Ideas

Decorating a Dollhouse for St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is a great day to party, so here are some green decoration ideas for your dollhouse. I've picked out traditional food and drinks, as well as confections and decor.

Shamrock Earrings: Gifts for St. Patrick's Day 2013
Shamrock earrings make lovely gifts for St. Patrick's Day, or for a March birthday or anniversary. On March 17th we celebrate Irish heritage, and everyone's invited!

Decorating a Garden for St. Patrick's Day
Bring the spirit of St. Patrick's Day into your garden this spring! I've picked out many clever and delightful St. Patrick's Day decoration ideas for your enjoyment.

Shamrock Charm Bracelets: Gifts for St Patrick's Day 2013
Beautiful shamrock charms bring you luck and happiness on St. Patrick's Day. I've always been fascinated by charm bracelets, with their tiny, perfect figurines.

Shamrock Necklaces: Gifts for St. Patrick's Day 2013
Give something green for St Patrick's Day - why not make it a shamrock necklace? Sparkling crystal, gleaming gold, or shining emerald; there are so many lovely choices!

Shamrock Rings: Presents for St. Patrick's Day
Are you planning a March wedding or engagement? Celebrate your love and the season of St. Patrick's Day with a beautiful shamrock ring.

Shamrock Body Piercing Jewelry: Gifts for St. Patrick's Day
Flirty, daring body jewelry makes you the life of the party on St. Patrick's Day! Shamrocks in shiny green or glittering crystal will catch every eye and turn heads.

Holiday Decorations

Lighted Easter Ornaments: Decorations for Easter
Lighted Easter ornaments let you decorate your house creatively for the holiday, whether you're throwing a party or delighting the neighbors.

Best Valentine's Day Lighted Decorations 2013
Don't hide your love! Show off this Valentine's Day with lovely lighted Valentine decorations indoors and out. You can decorate for a party, or set up a little supper for two.

Which decoration do you like?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Me Irish wife will love your site, very nice. I will recomend it.

    • gadgetbuff profile image

      gadgetbuff 5 years ago

      love the lighted lanterns.